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    Front Vibration issues

    Just a cautionary tale: My shop swore stone and bone that it was my right front wheel bearing that was bad, causing noise and vibrations. They even mounted some microphone on the outside of the car to pinpoint the noise. After I replaced the front bearing, it turned out it was the rear bearing...
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    2011 Jetta TDI - heavy white/gray smoke heavy diesel smell

    Blown head gasket, and water getting into the exhaust? The exhaust condensate should taste slightly sweet if it is coolant. Too much diesel should be black, not white/gray. I'm not sure how unburned fuel would make it through, unless the injection timing is completely off.
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    DPF failure data collection

    Sounds good. Those of us who drive a lot (not me anymore) will have to decide what to do with the car or DPF/EGR once the warranty expires. It might make sense to either sell the car, or put the (relatively new) DPF and EGR on the shelf, or maybe just block off the EGR, and keep driving with a...
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    DPF failure data collection

    Unfortunately a VW dealership won't fix the problem under warranty (and soot in the tail pipe IS a problem) until a permanent code is thrown. Which means at that point the EGR filter is also destroyed. Unless you are in a very narrow time or mileage window before your extended emissions warranty...
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    Anyone have premature front coil spring failure?

    Ok, good to hear (well, in a way), so not completely uncommon.
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    Anyone have premature front coil spring failure?

    That coil would have to make it through the top of the fender and through the hood. That's a whole lot of metal. So, while certainly amusing to imagine, not very likely.
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    Midline Performance Upgrade Options

    How about gas (propane or natural gas) injection? At the Geneva car show a few years ago there was a company selling gas conversions (add-ons, really), and I talked a bit with a guy at the booth. Apparently the TDI can also run on gas plus diesel at the same time, for more power (which is not...
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    Anyone have premature front coil spring failure?

    On my 2012 TDI Sportwagon the left front spring snapped about 7/8 of a turn from the top end after 8 years of (Illinois) driving and one year of mostly sitting, at 113,000 miles. My independent shop recommended Monroe quick struts as the most cost effective solution. After reading some not so...
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    ///// How much does air intake temperature matter ?? ////

    The OP is after performance/economy.
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    ///// How much does air intake temperature matter ?? ////

    Mongler, that (you always have an abundance of air) is just not true, otherwise you would not need the turbo loader.
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    ///// How much does air intake temperature matter ?? ////

    I'm not sure what the intercooler has to do with the A/C. Air density is proportional to 1/absolute temperature, that is air temperature measured in Kelvin. Going from 27C (300K) to 57C (330K) looses 10% of air charge (mass) at the same pressure. Which for the same fuel/air ratio means 10% of...
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    Preferred fuel filter brand???

    My only bad experience with fuel was from a Shell station, back when I still had a gasoline car. They sold me a water/gasoline mixture, and refused to cover the towing and repair cost. Haven't been back to that station in 20 years, and I drove by every day.
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    What's the easiest/most common place to tap boost?

    Wrong car, Declan; see post #10. The OP bought the fancy all-metal version...
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