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    Where does this hose go?

    In fact I think I see the end of that hose in your picture on the right side.
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    Where does this hose go?

    Goes to the ECM under the right wiper. Follow your hose starting at the ecm.
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    parting with my stock 160k B4V-went to a new home

    Good morning I’d sure be interested in seeing some pics and some more details (eg. price etc.) Andrew
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    Need rear hatch for B4V

    Hmm I’d never heard of Car-part but sounds like it might not be worth knowin’ about.
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    Need rear hatch for B4V

    Steve - I called the place in Georgetown, Ky and he said he hasn’t had that car for quite some time. MarsBar - thanks but don’t think I need any of that. Abacus - I’ll wait to hear from you at your convenience and I’ll plan on a road trip.
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    Need rear hatch for B4V

    Abacus - If you want to sell one or both of the rear hatches I can figure a way to get them. I’m also interested in any other parts you might want to get rid of. I tried PMing you but maybe you didn’t get it. Let me know what you have.
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    Need rear hatch for B4V

    Steve, thanks I called and he said he’ll check on Monday. Abacus, don’t do it! Maybe could figure something out or do a road trip. Either one tornado red?
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    Need rear hatch for B4V

    If anyone has one to sell I’ll pick it up and pay cash. My back glass is shattered (don’t weedeat near your car). Posted this on wanted-sell forum also. Thanks. Andrew (918) 527-8116
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    Need back hatch for b4v

    Anyone have a back hatch for Passat b4v they would sell me? I would come pick it up and pay cash. No worries about shipping. 1996 or 1997. My rear glass got shattered. Dont weed eat close to your car. Thanks, Andrew (918) 527-8116
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    Auxiliary lights, anyone?

    I’ll buy the other switch
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    WTB wagon tailgate lights

    I have broken glass in mine so if there’s someone out there who will sell me a whole hatch with intact glass I’d give you the lights from it
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    Need some help with a good crank and no start

    You mentioned checking the fuel solenoid but have you tried jumping 12 volts directly to it? May be an intermittent thing possibly related to the 109 relay.
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    Need some help with a good crank and no start

    Sounds like a small air leak on the suction side. Would check the fuel line going all the way back to the tank.
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    Driver window switch reversed

    I’ve been working on the window track alignment on the front driver side of a B4V I recently bought and after getting it back together the window goes down when the switch is pushed up and it goes up when the switch is pushed down. Not sure how that could’ve happened. Don’t think it was that way...