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    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    I need the long one. Do you have the part number?
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    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    Ok i cant read the part number on the old axle. I believe that this car has one of your swaps in it. The hubs measure 108mm. Cant seem to find the correct axle anywhere.
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    RYAN P's 6 speed 02M Conversions and ALL Euro TDI Parts

    Can anyone tell me if 8N0407272P is the correct part number for the 02m passenger side axle?
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    Picture thread!

    Man im so sad i couldnt make it
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    FS 2010 DPF EGR and CATS. ASV valve and exhaust flapper

    Car had 65,000 miles when removed. Open to offers.
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    WTB ALH injection pump manual trans

    I have a pump forsale. Its off of a 2000 manuel. Tryed textin but says its a landline.
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    10mm pump forsale

    For sale 10mm pump unknown miles $300 sold as is
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    FS 2012 Golf TDI, 2DR, 6 Spd, Black $19,900 w/extended warranty

    Is this car still for sale? Do you have any pictures?
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    01m part 5 solenoids

    That's correct. I had the vagcom on today, and in field 002 solenoid #6 actual vs specfied is off by .600A consistently. What does that tell me?
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    I won a local contest with my clutch today!!

    I just changed one just as bad. Not sure how to post pictures.
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    01m part 5 solenoids

    Ok i have a used valve body #6 solenoid tests good 4.5 ohms so Im gonna start by swapping that.
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    01m part 5 solenoids

    I have an 03 Jetta and it really jerks when shifting. Would that be caused by a code for #6 the pressure control solenoid?
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    Upgraded lower intercooler pipe rubbing axle

    I got the same problem with mine
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    WTB or Rent BRM timing tools

    I have some I could rent u. im located in kutztown pa.
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    WTB: BBS RC's Center caps

    Bump still looking