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    Sold TDI Prior to Scandal - Get Nothing

    VW fines include spending money on recharging station infrastructure because the Gen 1 TDI won't meet the EPA limits without extensive modification. They aren't giving you money but they are trying offset the environmental damage cause by the 1st Gen TDI.
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    Thoughts on playing Russian roulette with timing belt changes?

    Do I dare ask, why are all 3 going to be hauled on a flat bed?
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    Fuzzy math of timing the fix

    My wife car will have 55-60k miles by last of the buybacks, so any major repair should covered under the 5/60K warranty or emission warranty. Judging by her tire wear, she should due for a new set of tires as well. So timing wise the end of buyback period in 2018 works for her. If she...
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    Should we be confident enough to buy a replacement vehicle now?

    This was a trend in the auto industry for cars in VW class to use cheaper material to cut cost. You will find most cars in the 2010 era to likely have cheaper interior quality than same cars made 5-10 years earlier.
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    Strange timing?

    Many of the car manufacturers affected by the air bag recall also are having long delays. At this point in time, I would say it is a coincidence.
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    Lease v. Buy a new car?

    I looked into leasing for my wife TDI with the intention of buying it out, because my wife and I were going to have overlapping car payments for 3 years on top of child care expense. I buy car with the intention driving them 10+ years. At least in my VW TDI, the interest on the lease was...
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    Dont let the door

    After turning it in, my wife will likely be back in a VW and a TDI assuming they continue to make them. If all goes as planned, I will turn it in mid 2018. At that point, it will be 3 1/2 years old, have 55-60k miles and I will get my purchase price returned. If I keep it past the turn in...
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    Are options not being included in calculations?

    On my JSW, they list aluminum rims and power set as options for Jetta (which is combined with the JSW). All TDI JSW has standard aluminum rims and partial power seat standard. It wasn't an option on my window sticker and VW didn't include it in my buyback value.
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    Are options not being included in calculations?

    I look table (SE only) means the SE trim level, not South East. Nav and power Sunroof are likely standard features on the SEL trim level and included in 3500 difference between the SE and SEL models.
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    Buyback taxes

    This is the applicable section. Loss-in-value of property Property settlements for loss in value of property that are less than the adjusted basis of your property are not taxable and generally do not need to be reported on your tax return. However, you must reduce your basis in the...
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    Opinions on my situation.

    To me it makes financial sense to have VW buy your car back. I know with my wife car. If I don't take the buyback it is going to drop 50% of it value in late 2018 once buyback period is over. Personally I would not buy another car right now though. You going to be paying to the depreciation...
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    Did you add a bunch of accessories and an extended warranty?
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    Vwcourtsettlement page

    BTW this question made me chuckle when I was registering my wife TDI Can your vehicle be driven under its own 2.0L TDI engine power?
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    He is correct in that his buyback numbers are unknown. The 2009-2014 models have a defined number based on the NADA. The 2015 were estimated because the NADA hadn't publish 2015 value in September 2015. VW has a valuation in the documentation. VW did each car individually by VIN, but the VIN...
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    Need advice: Fix DMF or not?

    I would probably do this option.