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    Mirror switch knob fell off

    Curious what you ended up doing.. in the same boat...
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    RNS510 replacement. Looking for latest info.

    Still on the fence but have enjoyed (and dismayed) by your posts loco :) What do you guys think of this option... its $$$ but it is kind of the expensive way to do what he was trying to do..
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    Imported TDI's and 'dieselgate'

    What year did you import your VW?
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    RNS510 replacement. Looking for latest info.

    The guy isn't crazy.. sometimes it is 7 seconds, sometimes it gets hung up and takes 30-45. Some people have discussed tips to reduce the time, but generally the RNS-510 is a slow slow slow device. Maybe its a 286... lol If you open using the keyfob vs. the door handle, there is a better...
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    RNS510 replacement. Looking for latest info.

    Why didn't you look at the RCD 330 if you only needed carplay and backup camera etc? It would have been a lock for me but no Sirius. Doesn't look like the Kenwood has it either.
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    Locking glove box

    Or post on here so someone in 2017 with a new to me 2015 doesn't run to the dealer because the damn key won't lock the glove. Thanks much.
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    RNS510 replacement. Looking for latest info.

    Still will be very interested to see how it goes and hopefully copy for my car. A had an RCD 330 in my cart because I really want car play. But when I realized I'd loose Sirius I had to bail on it.
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    RNS510 replacement. Looking for latest info.

    Cool. Shoot me a PM with what you bought. Thanks man and keep us up to date!
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    RNS510 replacement. Looking for latest info.

    Hey Loco. What do you think all in this will run you? What functions will work? MFD integration of the NAV? Car play? What size screen? And what was $299?? Seems way to cheap for a head unit? Maybe you meant 3k. Send me the listing. I'm very interested in seeing where you go with it. Damn...
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    RNS510 replacement. Looking for latest info.

    I was hoping with the buy-back that there would be people selling their after-market head units with all the pieces required to put in my 2015 Passat TDI (new to me). The RNS 510 is so painful.. It is supposed to have more functions than what I had in the 2010 Jetta it replaced but the NAV is...
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    New 2015 anywhere?

    On May 2nd, Volkswagen Outaouais had a Beige manual Passat TDI Trendline. I was only looking for stick shift but was hunting tail end of May. Had to go all the way to NS to get my 2015 Passat Highline.
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    2015 TDI cars available

    I was worried, but at the same time I wanted to move from my current Jetta TDI to a Passat and they don't make a stick Passat it seems anymore. It just seemed easier to get a 2015 Passat TDI with 0kms then really figure out something different to buy (needed to be leather, sunroof, stick shift...)
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    Lol. I'm in the same boat. My "new" 2015 with outdated maps! If anyone has a link pm my way. Thanks
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    Anyone from Toronto here?

    Hey Fred, You are way to popular... i tried to PM you and your box is full. Time to clean that sucker up :)
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    Dead Bluetooth on a 2010 Jetta

    In the end it was a dead bluetooth module. I was a little nervous as my BT failed, and bought a 9w7 on ebay to replace it and it didn't work either and worried that it was something else that had broken. I went and bought a 2nd 9w7 (i don't learn clearly!) but fortunately the seller was local...