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    FS: 2002 (ALH) TDI parts for sale (ON CCV, EGR, etc.)

    ON CCV and EGR cooler have been sold and shipped.
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    FS: 2002 (ALH) TDI parts for sale (ON CCV, EGR, etc.)

    EGR Cooler and ON CCV are tentatively sold.
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    FS: 2002 (ALH) TDI parts for sale (ON CCV, EGR, etc.)

    I found it on Google Images when doing a search for "Old Navy CCV"; I didn't know it was yours. If I knew, I would have given full credit. Normally I would take photos of my stuff, but I am bogged down with projects at work/school and the sale of my car on top of that. Sorry for the...
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    FS: 2002 (ALH) TDI parts for sale (ON CCV, EGR, etc.)

    I only have the Old Navy CCV; I don't have the oil cap unfortunately! Did you want to buy the EGR cooler tank? (I don't have the EGR valve, only the cooler tube)
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    FS: 2002 (ALH) TDI parts for sale (ON CCV, EGR, etc.)

    I am selling my Jetta soon, so here are some TDI-related parts that I have available. All prices are in USD. I can ship to Canada and the continental USA, and PayPal is accepted. Drop me a note if you have any questions regarding these items! I will add additional parts as they become...
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    FS: EGR Cooler tank

    I recently removed my EGR cooler tank because I installed a DG Race Pipe to eliminate my EGR system altogether. The EGR valve has since been sold, but I still have the exhaust gas cooler tank for the EGR system. It was cleaned about 9000km ago when I did my intake manifold, and condition wise...
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    FS: Complete ALH EGR system - $70 shipped

    SOLD! I replaced my EGR system with a DG Race Pipe, so everything is up for sale. $70 USD shipped buys you: - EGR valve with anti-shudder valve - EGR exhaust gas cooler tank - All associated plumbing - All OEM mounting bolts - Extra lengths of OEM vacuum hose Everything is fully-functional...
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    Flashing Battery Light??

    I experienced similar symptoms before. Make sure you check the pulley on the alternator. You might need to look from underneath, but it could be a sign that it is about to fall apart. Mine did, and it took the serpentine belt with it. :(
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    Serpentine belt and alternator pulley fell off

    Well she's back on the road. I re-installed everything tonight, charged up the battery, and took her for a drive. No problems thus far... let's hope it stays that way. Installing the alternator back into its nook was a pain in the butt. It's much easier with a friend. I had a buddy ease the...
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    Serpentine belt and alternator pulley fell off

    Whew, this has been a busy week. I haven't had time to fix the car yet. I called my mechanic on Monday and provided him with the build date of my Jetta, and its model year. He called his VW parts supplier with this info and they sent him the appropriate pulley for the alternator corresponding...
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    Serpentine belt and alternator pulley fell off

    How do I check if it is damaged? So far it spins freely. I see a little 'scarring' on the shaft, and I am assuming it's marred from the pulley sliding off. I'll try to drop the alternator off at my mechanic's shop this week ASAP. It's a little inconvenient though, since it started to snow, and...
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    Intake Manifold Clogging, CCV & EGR Differently

    Fuel quality has a huge bearing on the rate of clogging too. It's been 2+ months and I still haven't got the EGR CEL. :eek:
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    WTB: Epsilonian Device

    I am also looking for one. Jack, got any extras? :D
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    Serpentine belt and alternator pulley fell off

    I got this part number from the black plastic portion of the alternator, where the wire from the battery plugs in: 028 903 028 E It also reads: 3R0 5/02 Bosch BR14-MO It is different from the part numbers given above... did I copy the wrong number down, or do I have a different alternator...