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    Gen 2 Fix Approved

    Just a quick update after a full tank of fuel post emissions fix. My last tank MPG was 41.7 the first tank after was 38.8 for a loss of 2.9 MPG as tracked on Fuelly.
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    Gen 2 Flash Did Not Take?

    Being someone that has a lot of friends that tune and therefore flash ECUs, I've seen a few times where the ECU can go and or was bad when the flash was applied. I also work in IT and as much as we depend on our computers there are times when they die and or don't do what we want them to...
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    Gen 2 Fix Approved

    I had my 2012 Passat "fixed" yesterday and I do notice a harder shift and holding gear longer. No additional noise to report as of yet. I should be through this tank in about a week and will report back about fuel economy.
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    900 mile Club

    DAMN... My highest tank was 700.6 which I did yesterday... Too bad I can't seem to drive slower than 75-80 MPH on my way to work.
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    Gen 2 Fix Approved

    No one knows just yet... but smart money is on repaired TDIs being available in a few months (from dealers and or private sales)
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    Chances of 13-16 3.0's getting a fix

    I can't wait to do just this... I have 28k left on my warranty should be this time next year I'll have a DPF delete and full exhaust.
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    Silverdome TDIs

    Just imaging all of the ones sitting around the country that are unsold at dealerships. I would pay dearly for one of the NOS, 2015s with no miles and a factory warranty.
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    Silverdome TDIs

    LOL, I was thinking that same thing. The Yellow must not have been a popular TDI color.
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    WTB - Backup camera for a 2012 Passat TDI SEL

    Bump... Any one selling their car back and wants to rip one out for me?
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    WTB - Backup camera for a 2012 Passat TDI SEL

    I'm hoping someone who has sold their car or is selling their car back has pulled their backup camera or is willing to pull it and sell it to me, please. I'm in Baltimore and willing to drive and pick it up and or even pull it if needed.
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    FS in PGH: NMS Passat FrostHeater (new), RNS 510, 18" Bristol wheels, cargo liner/blx

    I have the radio already, I'm looking to add the backup camera to my car, that seems to be the only option I don't have. Thanks anyway though. If it wasn't a 250 mile trip wach way I'd be all on that trunk liner.
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    2012 Parts for Sale

    Do you have the backup camera available?
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    Wait, Golf Alltrack?

    I too have heard that there will most likely not be any new TDIs in the states sadly.
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    TODAY: possible approval of proposed Diesel fix?

    Maybe I am in the minority but... *puts on flame suit* I just bought a second TDI because I am a FAN of the diesel and VWs, plus my Jetta was showing it's age at 263K miles. I could care less about the scandal, I really want to rip all the emissions CRAP off of my new to me 2012 NMS Passat...