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    May 27, 2006 Michigan GTG
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    FS: AHU RC2/3 ECM, Intake, EGR Block plates & coolant bypass.

    RC2/3 switchable (currently on RC3) w/EGR delete. $150 OBO shipped - Tentatively Sold. Clean intake with EGR block plates and coolant bypass. Plates and coolant hose: $25 OBO shipped. Intake: $50 OBO + shipping. Or get all...
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    FS: O2A (Mk3) DieselGeek Short Shift, AHU & ALH Pump Cores

    It's kind of awesome, easy to install and no longer being produced.
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    FS: O2A (Mk3) DieselGeek Short Shift, AHU & ALH Pump Cores

    I misremembered the ALH pump size. I just pulled the part numbers and looked it up and it's the 10 mm.
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    FS: O2A (Mk3) DieselGeek Short Shift, AHU & ALH Pump Cores

    DieselGeek short shift kit for the Mk3 without the side to side reduction pin. $75. In action: Install instructions: ALH 10 mm pump core. Pulled because it...
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    AHU/ALH Crank Sensor?

    I'm having an FPGA built to read the AHU & ALH's timing wheel. I have some questions about how it's setup. The sensor is a variable reluctance sensor. Is the timing wheel 32-1 (32 'teeth' with 1 missing tooth) or another setup?
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    ECS Tuning :: Products, Sale Items, DIY Videos & More - Click Here !!!

    If you're looking for a company to never donate back to TDIClub (even for raffles) and doesn't stand behind any of their products I couldn't suggest anyone more than ECSTuning.
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    First trip with a week old 2015 Jetta

    I can usually get to 120-150 miles before I'm off of "Full".
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    Auxiliary fuel pump?

    It won't hurt anything.
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    Vendor Accountability Thread

    It's been 10 days. I'm leaving for a week long trip Wednesday night. I would like to have a hatch that holds itself open. Is there any vendor accountability in this thread?
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    ECS Tuning :: Products, Sale Items, DIY Videos & More - Click Here !!!

    I feel like I have learned too much in the last year. Can you suggest another ECS product to inflict head trauma?. I all ready tried the Mk4 Rear Hatch Pop Kit. A+++ Would cause head damage again. Looking for something a bit cheaper.
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    Vendor Accountability Thread

    ECS Mk4 Rear Hatch PopKit. Computer. Hello Computer. I finally want to get my rear hatch working again after buying the gloriously defective ECS Mk4 Rear Hatch Popkit. From the product review on TDIClub I'm not the only person that has had this product fail on me. It's been just over a year...
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    EA288 TDI engine review, real life MPG

    I like that you can replace that with any (year) and (year+1) across engine changes. Dig deep enough and there are people that are questioning the ALH. Wait for the last model year + 1 to see if there are hardware changes and then wait until the next release cycle. It's no different than Apple...
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    ALH vacuum pump leak and concerns

    Finally, a recent thread. I'm having the same problem. I finally have a clutch that will hold my tune and now I've been noticing more and more oil around the entire head cover. I wrapped my vacuum pump and CCV can each with a red rag and noticed the vacuum pump one had the most oil, although...
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    2002 Jetta TDI Wagon Manual

    What is your secret for a "no rust" vehicle in MI after 14 years? Because I've seen '12s and '13s with rusted out parts. I'd hate to turn my '03 into one of those vehicles. Also, sunroof? Interested. I just got the "Ooo, that looks pretty" look from my wife as well.