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    Back in the TDI game! 2010 Touareg!!

    Back to my German-car roots again with a modern diesel. Pretty impressive technology on these engines. Especially with the emission systems. It's also my first non-pickup with a slush box. The tow rating is an impressive 7600lbs. Looking forward to seeing how it does with the car hauler hanging...
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    Upstate NY Roll Call

    Right in beautiful crime-free Albany, NY here!
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    The evil 17946 error code

    First issue is the starter. You have to figure out why it isn't turning over. That has nothing to do with the ECU, injection pump, glow plugs or engine codes.
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    FS: BNIB OEM ALH Glowplug harness

    Brand New in Box. I only have 1 TDI left, and it has a brand new harness. Located in Albany, NY Buyer pays ACTUAL shipping or can meetup in Albany Area $50.
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    selling 98 Jetta TDI (CT)

    I bet you do with that price...
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    Bbs Rc Rims??

    I have a set of RC's with the 337 finish. They have almost new tires on them. The have a little bit of curbage, and a some of the clearcoat is flaking off (which is a problem with all BBS RCs). I'm in Albany, NY. $650 with the tires!
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    FS: Matco msc4r Heavy Duty Service cart

    Selling my service cart, retiring from my Dad's house garage and need to downgrade some stuff. This thing is pretty awesome. It's basically a small toolbox with a cart-top on it. The lock is messed up, but otherwise everything else in it is in good shape. Looks identical to this: RETAIL...
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    FS: New beetle trailer reciever

    Sale Pending... this could be the fastest sale of anything EVER. :p