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    FS: 11mm ALH Injection pump

    Is this the stock IP? What's the new price please?
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    Consumer Union weighs in on 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI

    Teeing up the 2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TDI
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    Costco Diesel coming to Irvine!!!

    Costco will be adding diesel at its new big box in Woodland Hills, in the west San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. But if, from what I hear on these threads, the pumps have truck-stop pressure ... I'll move on.
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    My new (to me) 2005 VW Golf TDI GLS

    I would recommend NOT modifying your TDI engine until you sort it out and get thoroughly acquainted with it. Just my .02.
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    Mileage and MAF Sensor

    What the heck was the "FE improvement?" I don't recall seing a mention of it in this thread. :confused:
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    Any TDI clubs in Southern California

    There used to be GTGs here every other year or so. Then interest kind of split between the bio fuel freaks and the diesel geeks. Then it dropped from there, unless you went to Leonard's BBQs at Wild Rose Motors -- some of the best TDI parties in town. Count me in. '00 Golf TDI 2-door.
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    235 MPG VW XL1 Diesel Hybrid getting closer

    Latest and greatest L1 and other diesel-electric hybrids:,0,1785583,full.column European carmakers rev up the electro-diesel concept BMW's experimental Vision sport coupe, shown at Germany's Frankfurt Motor Show, would get 75 miles...
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    The TDI Westy not available in the U.S.

    From Los Angeles Times, June 19, 2009,0,2459145.column if (document.location.href.indexOf('theguide/holiday-guide/') != -1) { document.write(''); document.write('#header #inner {height:122px;overflow:hidden;}'); document.write('#header...
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    Where to buy oil for TDI in LA?

    Yeah, I BLEW it, pard, lol. I should have checked the Fuels and Lubricants threads more often.
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    Where to buy oil for TDI in LA?

    Am scrambling, too. Was at Wally World today and found it has cancelled sales of ANY 5-40, Shell or Mobil. Its Website also lists no oil, so it can't be special ordered. Pep Boys in my area has NEVER sold 5-40 syn. I just checked AVLube and found Delvac 1 for $150 a case, or roughly $37.50...
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    Grand Opening Celebration Wild Rose Motors,Ltd.'s New Facility

    Time? "Some family members and I will be at the facility pretty early for set-up; I think that early birds can start rolling in around 10AM or so. This will probably wind down around dusk. I don't have a set time slot for Steve Oliver as of yet but he will perform for a full 3 hours, maybe...
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    LA Biodiesel pump CLOSING – Please voice your support

    Kooyajerms, Yes, if any little bit of alt fuel helps, then I'm all for it. I just recall news reports that the global price of corn, rice and pork soared during the recent fuel spike, partly because of U.S. farmers switching crops to grow fuel corn for ethenal and biodiesel. Same thing...
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    LA Biodiesel pump CLOSING – Please voice your support

    I agree: Motor On. Trouble is, I know the cheapest fuel stations in 25 miles, and plan my fillups to save a cent. And without engaging in a tit-for-tat debate, I believe the bloom is off of BioD: a) it's a rip-off at the pump b) there's not nearly enough farmland to slake the nation's fuel...
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    LA Biodiesel pump CLOSING – Please voice your support

    You can have it. I have have driven two diesel cars, a TDI and an older MB, for nine years and have never touched biodiesel. When alt fuel venders respect consumers half as much as they watch their wallets, I'll be glad to visit their stations. Instead, they charge boutique prices, making veg...