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    1985 vw golf with alh mtdi engine

    $2000 This car is road Worthy if put back together It's all apart in pieces I almost got to paint it before health problems. 02a tranny hydro shift Engine has holset turbo,Rover injection pump,sp auto intercooler radiator New suspension,mounts,tires,etc. I was going to keep the car and daily...
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    02a ctn tranny

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    02a ctn tranny

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    FS: vnt 15bturbo used from 2000 jetta

    Bump sorry I didn't see notifications for my account.
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    02a ctn tranny

    $200 obo Located in Turlock,ca
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    FS: vnt 15bturbo used from 2000 jetta

    $150 shipped to us. Vnt 15 came from used runner 2000 Jetta I used engine for mtdi swap.
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    New 204-4706 arp head studs

    Sold thanks
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    1980 Rabbit AHU

    do those tires rub? i have been using those oil leak dye detectors lately after a washing and jacking up/running on level ground and really like how i have been able to find some leaks in the dark.
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    jhax's Built ALH into a MK2 Golf thread

    those rear beam bushings aren't bad with tools. i like to use a hacksaw blade to make a slit in the bushing after air hammer chiseling the middle rubber out, then using it again to push through the whole thing to the other side. i have used threaded rod and bolts/sockets to make jigs for the...
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    Mtdi Landrover Pump Sourcing

    i looked on ebay uk site for reputable sellers with used runners being parted out. then clean and reseal. i did all that for less than $300 shipped for a 300 rover pump for my alh mtdi project.