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    Passat or CC aluminum steering knuckles and LCA to save weight

    Do you know if the B7/MK6 jetta tie rods thread into the tie rod ends of the B6? I read Tharkholds list and he didn't list the tie rods, just the ends, so I'm assuming the tie rod ends of the B6 would thread into our B7/MK6 tie rods but wanted confirmation as I am acquiring all the parts for a...
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    Idle speed increasing

    Ah found my issue. Battery voltage with car off is ~12.7, with car on it’s also ~12.7 :( new alternator on the way
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    Idle speed increasing

    Ah. I’ll have to do some troubleshooting to confirm an issue with the charging system then. Plan is to shoot voltage across the battery at standard idle and also with car off and then a few hours later to see if the battery is maintaining voltage
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    Idle speed increasing

    Did you ever find the culprit? I have the same issue. Car will start and idle at normal RPM, the randomly go to 900 or 1000. Going to get the multimeter and check it tomorrow with the car off and on to see what voltage measures across the battery to try and rule out charging/battery as the issue...
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    Dropping the subframe

    Did either of those kits work for the b7 then?
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    ISO BRM turbo

    The turbo in my BRM needs replaced and wondering if anyone here has a used one or one they’re trying to get rid of. Thank you!
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    Cutting wire to parking lights?

    Hello all, I am doing some retrofitting of the front headlights and had a question. I have an LED switchback strip that works properly during the day (white all the time, goes to yellow for signaling, then switches back) however at night the functionality doesn't work properly due to the parking...
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    2013 Passat TDI Rattle Noise - interior rattle?

    Haha I knew I’d get more NVH when I installed the stiffer mounts, just trying to see if anyone has been down the road of trying to dampen interior rattles so I can possibly speed up the trial and error process
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    2013 Passat TDI Rattle Noise - interior rattle?

    Hello all! I have a 2013 Passat TDI that has a rattle noise only during moderate acceleration from a stop and only within a certain RPM range, about 1600-2100 RPM. The noise is interior I believe as I removed the belly pan, fender liner on the driver side front, and checked under the hood for...
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    Banging / flapping sound from front

    Make sure the rear outer most ones on the belly pan are threaded in to the nut plates...On mine i had to apply downward force to get it to thread into them.
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    Deciding on mounts...Rubber or Poly?

    Hey all, need some help deciding on mounts and wonder if anyone here has any experience or advice as to what mounts I should go with. Car is a 2013 Passat TDI and I am trying to decide between street density mounts that are 60A rubber and void free or BFI's Stage 1 mounts that are polyurethane...
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    Which vag com should i go for ?

    OBDEleven just announced they’re coming out with a newer device and software for it if you want to go the route of convenience. But like others have said, nothing better than the Ross Tech.
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    Dog bone insert

    Hello all! I was planning on putting BFI’s stage 1 dog bone insert in my Passat as it says on their website the stage 2 is not recommended for TDI’s. Anyway, will the dogbone insert cause premature failing of any other motor/transmission mounts? Thanks!
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    2013 NMS Passat headlight adjustment?!

    Ahh we found the issue, the LEDs were 4 sided and just wont work with the reflector regardless of any adjustment...swapping them out for 2 sided leds
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    2013 NMS Passat headlight adjustment?!

    Yeah it’s just frustrating...if I’m like 2 ft from a wall inside my garage, the lights go way up the sides of the walls and way up the wall directly in front too