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    Mid Michigan GTG -- Saturday, July 10th

    Would like to make it out and see some of the old faces, just too dang much work right now. I'm not complaining about it though. Have fun everyone!:D -Jason
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    Mid Michigan summer GTG --Saturday, July 25th

    I should be there this year. Keep on rolling... Jason
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    Poor power brake assist and poor mileage

    Having problems with intermittent power brakes and it is getting more common. Also notice a loss of MPG. From searching it sounds like it might be the common problem of the vacuum hose to the booster. Before just buying the part can someone point me in the direction of how to test and find...
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    VW needs feedback on performance hatch

    I can't post there, but here is my vote. I think VW would sell plenty. Jason
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    Towing in Winter, for those that get snow

    Thanks man! Has the 2nd largest upgrade tires and spare (higher load rating). Drives like a dream... Jason
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    Towing in Winter, for those that get snow

    Hey, we need to talk. I would not pull an enclosed trailer on my way to the UP in February, too much wind, be like towing a sail. I have a beautiful 12' single for my 136" machine, hooks in the back and all...
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    Weight of a 4-cyl engine

    Well, he might be set to cruise at peak HP RPM so that average speed might be higher than you think. Actual speed on the water will not be close, but the RPM's will tell you. What is the cruising RPM? Jason
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    AC FCM help needed

    Bump for you, I am interested as well. When I turn my AC on, neither fan runs. Jason
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    Fob died, Change Battery, Light Continuous Flash

    I did find that part XXXer, here is the link: Jason
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    What are my options - broken flex pipe/exhaust pipe

    I have a break immediatly after my cat. So, the pipe is larger pre cat? I thought it was all 50 mm. Jason
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    Fob died, Change Battery, Light Continuous Flash

    Wife placed fob in letter holder and somehow jammed one of the buttons down. Alarm went off in the middle of the day. Very weird so I did not give up and found immediatly that when I tried to use the other fob (ony in letter holder) it was dead. Original batteries from 2002 in both Fob's...
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    Downpipes Arriving Soon at TDIParts!

    It that is correct then I think the tail pipe would have to be welded as well. If that is true seems like installing the exhaust (down pipe, cat, muffler, tail pipe) as one piece would be a bit hard. Jason
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    Downpipes Arriving Soon at TDIParts!

    Peter, Besides figuring out the exit (pipe or muffler) what is needed to install? If I go with the cat does it come with clamps? Pretty sure my OEM downpipe is leaking, so...perfect time to upgrade. Thanks, Jason
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    New Timing belt brakes after ~300 miles

    Yeah, good point Tom.
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    Used 03 Jetta, Delo 15/40

    With engines designed for the oil with different flow reuirments, internal passages, etc. I'm of the mind to keep looking. If they can't follow the simple directions what about everything else... Jason