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    6 speed conversion kit

    I AWD swapped my Jetta and put a 6 speed 02M in.
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    Hello, I am interested on the GTD2060VZ it says it is a ball bearing turbo, but as far as I know it is not a ceramic ball bearing. Thanks,p,185,0
  3. ALH Piston & Rod upgrades

    ALH Piston & Rod upgrades

    ALH Piston & Rod options with measurements
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    ALH Throttle Pedal Wiring Info

    Hi, not wanting to jack the thread, but I wanted to ask if pin out 4 would read 0-100% Thottle gradually or does it only read it at 25% increments? Iv got a stand alone controller that I need to have a 5v Thottle position signal from and I need it to read 0-100% all the way through. Example: 5%...
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    SMF 02M clutch

    South Bend Clutch stage 2 endurance for the 02M is quite and has like 0 vibration. Holds like 450 ft-lbs. 21lb flywheel I believe, and it feels really good. K70287-HD-OCE-SMF
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    ISSUE SOLVED: ID Parts Lift Pump installation guide issue

    The grounds were all very clean under the tray, since I ran the found under the battery tray, I've had 0 issues with it. ID Parts has you ground in the relay box above the brake master, and to the glow plug relay ground I believe.
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    ISSUE SOLVED: ID Parts Lift Pump installation guide issue

    Attention ALH owners that have installed a PD lift pumps or are going to install a PD lift pump. If you have used the ID parts installation guide, you may need to change the ground that comes from relay 53 that they suggested in their instructions...
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    6 speed conversion kit

    I went a different rout with my build. I picked up a 6 speed 02M DVR Transmission that came from Europe. The cost is actually lower than doing the 6th gear add on. Korwerks LLC. is where I got mine. you can also get a rebuilt Euro 6 speed from dutchautoparts.
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    Anyone with a S7 turbo?

    I met with Owain a bit ago and put the TDI with the S7 to the test at Malone's shop. now I did a full write up on the Malone vs kermaTDI tune, but there you can find more logs and dyno sheets for the BW S7. Malone Dyno...
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    Fire Extinguisher mount

    i have received mine now.
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    Need help Identifying a 02m 6speed

    Yes this works. But there are a few different gear ratios for the 02M diesels in Europe.
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    Tdi 2.0 16v bkd manual gtb2060vklr build!

    Love the build. I am just finishing an AWD swap into my TDI and thinking of the GTB2060VKLR.
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    ALH piston, rod & ring Upgrade?

    Rod length Hey Frank, Iv had ppl asking me if the Molnar rods are shorter than stock rods on the ALH and if they need to deck the block? Unfortunately I lost my images and measurements of my Molnar rods so I cannot confirm. But I know I did not need to deck my block. Please confirm this for...