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    Snow Tires + Wheels 2012+ NMS Passat / Genuine VW

    Snow Tires and Wheels for 2012+ NMS Passat / Genuine VW VW OEM steel wheels (from VW, not aftermarket) and four Continental Wintercontact SI studless snow and ice tires. Tires made in Germany, very good (80%+) only two seasons on them. $400 Located in Asheville, NC Size is 215/60R16 These...
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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!

    Just turned my manual in today :) but :( Whole process took about 20 minutes
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    Buyback turn-in is now November ‘18

    Bet that's there line they give everyone hoping to avoid a last second December rush.
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    Can I remove speakers before buy-back?

    You can do it. Slap some cheapies in there. Imaging all the folks who got VW's, took stock speakers out, replaced with better speakers. But don't read as better, read as "different" You think VW cares? Or would say "NO, put stock speakers BACK!!!" Heck no. Replacing speakers with a speaker of...
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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!

    They could offer to retrofit automatics into our cars at the very least. I wouldn't do it but it would be nice of them to offer. Or offer us new 2018 Audi SQ7 TDI's
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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!

    Well that sucks. For those of us wishing to keep the car we should get money as though we went in for a fix. Or offer to retrofit an automatic and give us money. Or that A8L diesel
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    VW's Oliver Schmidt Gets 7 Years in Prison for Dieselgate Role

    Well off financially with a net worth of only $1 million? Sorry but if you want to retire and squeak by on an annual budget of $50k a year for 20 years you need $1 million. And I imagine in 20 years with inflation that $50k a year won't feel like a luxurious living. And if you hope to make it...
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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!

    I'm hoping if there is no fix they give us all specially produced Audi A8L units with a V-6 diesel
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    New TOP TIER diesel fuel branding coming out So as you all know their is has for a while been a top tier marketing and standard for gas. Gas must meet a higher standard for improved deposit control, cleaning ability, chain of delivery, etc. There is a new TopTier certification for Diesel that's rolling out...
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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!

    Actually it has body styling changes and a different engine
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    Fix for '12-'14 manual, 6sp, passats??!?!

    If no fix exists, we should get same money as those who apply fix for money, or readjusted larger buybacks.
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    Oil quanity for 2015 Passat 2.0L Diesel

    Google has a handy calculator built in
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    Doing buyback? Good tires? I can use them! Asheville +/- 120 miles

    I'm pretty sure VW could care less about the tires on the car when it's bought back. If they crush it they don't care, if they fix and resell they will probably replace tires anyway. Show menthe threads where folks got buyback denied from 2/32nd tread :rolleyes: