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    Salvage value lol...

    On certain vehicles, I'll keep full coverage, with a $500 deductible until the insurance cost exceeds about 1/10th the replacement value for a similar vehicle. In the case of my 2004 Audi A8L, insurance runs about 900$ a year. Replacement is about 10-14k$ right now, so this next year I'll look...
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    Radio Draining the Battery HELP!!!

    Gads, what a mess. First thing I would check is that the power injector for the antenna is not connected to a constant hot lead. Then I'd check all the other power feeds. Something is on a constant hot that shouldn't be.
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    How to open Fremax disc box

    Blow gun in the air vent maybe?
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    Anyone using a trailer with electric brakes in their Mk4?

    PK: Roll that trailer across the scales and I'll bet it's more than 1100 lbs empty. A much better bet and safer too, would be get a small single axle landscape trailer for the bagged feed and a round bale buggy for the hay. A bale buggy is going to weigh probably 3-400 lbs empty and the little...
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    Anyone using a trailer with electric brakes in their Mk4?

    That gives you about 900 lbs for the load. My Kubota B5100 (15 hp subcompact tractor) tips the scales at about 800 lbs without the mower deck. I'd think long and hard about using the Golf to tow that trailer with any load, especially in the southern end of the hill country.
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    Anyone using a trailer with electric brakes in their Mk4?

    I've never seen a class rating on trailers, just a gross weight limitation. The class rating is for hitches. Texas requires brakes on trailers with a gross of over 4500 lbs, so that would require a Class 3 hitch. If it's got a gross of 4500, it also requires a yearly safety inspection. Most...
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    Amateur (ham) Radio in a TDI

    Scott: Too bad you live so far away. I could use the help on getting the FTM-400 into the big Audi :D
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    DFW TDI Owner's List

    Ya know the state only covers a little over 268,500 square miles....can ya narrow it down a little more?:p
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    recommendations for indie VW shops in Oklahoma

    There is Ray's in Tulsa, one shop in Wichita, Ks, or 3 different gurus in the DFW area. Here is a link to the trusted mechanics list:
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    what is your guys daily commute to work?

    Boeing or Airblob?
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    what is your guys daily commute to work?

    Between 84 and 200 miles round trip, depending on the route and whether I need to go by our other house after work. I tend to end up working 7 days a week most of the year and combined with errands and other driving needs, blast past 1000 miles a week average. Last year, between the bug, the...
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    Bolt under gas pedal

    On my Bug, it's nothing more than a pedal stop. I get WOT at the stop. No need to add travel and stress the cable.
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    Amateur (ham) Radio in a TDI

    Scott: I can't really say, as I haven't played with the new version. As to the GPS lockup, I don't know. I haven't even run the GPS on mine. I programmed it and tossed it in the car and away I went. One of these days I'll get into that and the APRS and everything else it will do. I move it back...
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    Amateur (ham) Radio in a TDI

    Scott: I bought a FTM-400DR back in May and love it. It's a little wonky on programming, but there has been a firmware update that should help. If you are going to bury the main box, you will need a remote speaker. I like the touch screen, but I find that I really need a touch stick rather than...
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    Stranded-bad alternator?

    If you have a few tools and a little workspace, change it yourself. It's not not that tough of a job. There is a a How-To on changing it. If you follow the guide, probably no more than 2-3 hours for a first time change.