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    Need OE lug bolts 5x112

    I have lug bolts from a 2002 Golf that you can have for shipping from 31071
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    VCDS close to Greensboro NC

    I sent her my cable and she is happy now
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    VCDS close to Greensboro NC

    Yes my sister's Jetta needs a scan
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    TDI mechanic near Beaufort SC or Albany GA

    Check the trusted mechanics link
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    TDI mechanic near Beaufort SC or Albany GA

    I am in Pineview GAand have VCDS but not up to replacing pump seals
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    SOLVED(Intermittent vacuum loss at pump nipple) : Pop like I blew a turbo hose - no boost leak problems with intercooler piping

    X2 on checking the turbo. When my stock turbo compressor wheel broke off it was a pop. I had a boost gauge so I new something bad had happened. Yes VCDS will show all data. Just for giggles try this: logging Actual MAP, Specified MAP, Actual MAF, Specified MAF, and throttle position; full...
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    2002 trailer hitch and wiring harness $50 + shipping?

    At etrailer the Jetta is a different hitch number so I would say maybe as it does look close
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    2002 trailer hitch and wiring harness $50 + shipping?

    ="AndyBees, post: 5695750, member: 14852"] Hey Chris, are you leaving the TDI world? You've been around over 20 years! I've had one of these hitches for maybe 6 or 7 years and have not installed it. Ironically, it is my plan to install it this week. [/QUOTe Yes I loved my Golf ALH and I...
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    ID parts ALH torque chart $3.00 Sold It is a nice chart and I will mail it to you in a tube for$3.00
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    MN Chat Thread

    Sell the hitch from my 2002. Gotta get working on my 1986 Ford F-350
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    2002 trailer hitch and wiring harness $50 + shipping?

    This is a bare hitch with uhaul wiring harness. UPS says $17.00 from me to Duluth (I am in Pineview GA) You will need to buy the bolts and washers. Oh it could use a fresh coat of paint So make me an offer. I am think $50 + shipping would be fair but I don't have the car anymore so.....This...
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    Sold Bentley Manual 1999 -2005 models

    Nope Golf Jetta and GTI. So it does provide lots of information about the engine and your suspension is the same. But the ins and outs of where stuff is on a Beetle is complicated
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    Turbo actuator

    More boost get a tune, or a larger turbo and a tune, Stock TDI 13.5 psi, and you can push it to 18 with a tune. When my stock turbo died I put in a larger turbo and with a nice Rocketchip 4.5 tune I was at 26 psi. The stock turbo is very spiky and a tune or a Dawes device can reduce that...
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    Sold Bentley Manual 1999 -2005 models

    This is a very well loved Bentley manual. All the pages are are there. Nominal donation plus shipping from 31071 for an 8 lbs box. (the manual ways a little over 7 pounds. Pictures? text me at 3202671807
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    Should I buy this 1999 Jetta TDI?

    Is it an ALH? 1999 was a crossover year