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    ALH turbo upgrade question

    I know this may not help as my setup is in a CJ7, but I have a GTD1756VRK, .260 injectors, and a Tekmektronics tune and I'm @ 30 PSI NLT 2050 RPMs if I hit it w/ 100% throttle once off the clutch. I've owned a Jetta in the past with a GT1752 (VNT17) with .230 injectors and there's no comparison...
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    97 Suzuki Sidekick 1.9 alh mtdi help

    While not a Sidekick, I do have an ALH CJ7. Mine currently is an 11mm, .260 injectors, and GTD1756VK turbo. I can hit full tuned boost by 1900-1950 RPMs (30 PSI out of 34 PSI). I have about 4.5" of combined lift (spring 2.5, body 1.5 and shackle 3/4) w/ 3.31 gears, although I'm just finishing up...
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    ALH in a 1984 CJ7

    No, it's just a weekend driver. It spends most of the time in the garage.
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    ALH in a 1984 CJ7

    AX15 with external slave, Dana 300 transfercase, and factory axles (D30 and AMC20).
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    ALH in a 1984 CJ7

    Don't remember posting it here, but this is my 1984 CJ7 that I did an ALH swap into. Upgraded rods, .260 injectors, GTD1756VK, and Whitbread adapter. Fully built the engine myself (minus the head rebuild) and did the wiring harness. I'm building a hybrid PD150 (ARL) and ALH with a Landrover 300...
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    ALH TDI pinout.

    Here is the wiring and pinnout of the ALH motors and a video I made of how to pull the wires from the harness. Have fun with it.
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    We're not on missions, but rather having a discussion on what we think and feel. I agree with some of your thoughts, and I believe you agree with some of mine. My mind is very analytical. I dissect each part of a conversation to try and see where others are coming from, and to have a...
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    Cluster lights??

    I know this is an old thread, but mine are doing the same thing. Every one of them work, except the speedo and tach needle. Kinda weird.
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    Show your proof that the highest prices always leads to highest quality. Show your destructive testing or non-destructive testing. Show where you've used your hardness tester and prove, time and time again (or at least with a 51% certanty) that the products that are in the higher priced parts...
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    It's quite easy to speculate, and in most circumstances I would say go with "genuine parts." The problem becomes that China is now the largest exporter of steel, aluminum, and other metals. This "inferior" billet could still be used, and while the VE pumps used outdated technology compared to...
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    Anyone heard of Powertdi in Poland?

    I've found that many folks have used them in my research. I personally went with them as well for both turbo and injectors. Overall the turbo and injectors look great at face value, and here soon I'll be testing it out with the appropriate tune. Some vendors expect you to spend significantly...
  12. Look Frank, this is how I see what you say.

    Look Frank, this is how I see what you say.

    This is how you ignore a shilling vendor, but can still see what he panders...
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    ALH Build

    I don't believe these were vehement personal attacks, rather I was just stating I'm not good with people selling their product and bashing others because of their experience (especially someone as well respected and with the clout you have) it's a bit of a marketing ploy These rods were...
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    ALH Build

    Thanks for the advice Mongler98. I'm perfectly relaxed, lol. I know who I'm talking to, and have no ego. I'm not going to reiterate what I've said, as it speaks for itself. To go even further, a member here sent me a message stating the same feelings (but didn't want to speak up, as to not burn...