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    2002 golf trunk

    Your gonna have to go in through the back seat , fold them down , remove the two screws in the handle and pop the inside trim off the rear hatch. Once you get that off you will see the locking mechanism and with some lube , lube it up and move it out of the way so you can unlock it. Not fun but...
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    Should I do egr delete? And or a tune

    No , it didn’t for me and I’ve done 4 tunes….all of them have the egr delete with various tunes.
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    Coolant heater not working

    Nice ! Glad we were able to help , enjoy the warm car !
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    WTB: 2005 Golf lift gate lock cylinder

    Your best bet is a pick and pull and bring it to a lock smith to redo the tumblers.
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    Coolant heater not working

    Vince look at the first post with what he bought , expand the picture , it show coolant flow leaving the bottom of the heater and not the side. I believe it’s installed upside down.
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    "WTB" Im looking to by a nice clean evrymod setup.

    He‘ll be back crying that he blew up his motor and will be wondering why……so let him do it. The young think they know everything. I have these conversations with my kids……funny when they realize that we are not the village idiots and actually know what ( the boomers ) are talking about. When you...
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    Coolant heater not working

    Yeah……you sure that it’s not installed upside down? The output should be on top ……not the bottom , with the feed going into the side which would make it the low point.
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    Help with fuel pump

    Welcome to the TDI club……. There is a wealth of information and people here to help you. Do as Andy suggests and see what you’ve got. I would recommend getting a Bentley maintenance manual as it will be your friend and at times your bible….. Remember…… there are no stupid questions , especially...
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    Lifted Beetle

    I’ve got 447,xxx on one axle the other I changed because the boot ripped at around 350,xxx. I did the manual swap from an auto and am running my auto axles , changed to 108 MM flanges. I did my lift when I did my manual swap at about 121,xxx miles
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    Blue exhaust smoke even when warmed up

    What’s the smoke smell like? Oil or fuel? I have a hard time believing it’s the IP…..if it over fueling it’s black , blue is oil. Would have been nice to see if it smoked before you did any work….. Has the smoke diminished at all over time? If not I would suspect the turbo. Just for $hits and...
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    Introduction and thank you.

    Nice !
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    Mk IV NB seat not flipping forward

    Does anyone have a write up on repairing the flip mechanism on these seats? Or at least what goes wrong on them? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 2000 NB.
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    2002 Jetta TDI - MAJOR Oil burning

    ^^^^^^What he said , my vote too , turbo ^^^^^
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    ALH injection pump head seal replacement - alternative method

    Can’t see the picture…😕