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    Mpg with a/c

    I notice that my MFD will show a dramatic drop in MPG when I kick the AC on. I normally just cycle it on and off manually for my commute and select times when I'm coming to a stop, slowing down or on down hills. Its not the best solution, but it works. I get a little hot some times, but when...
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    Longer MDI cables?

    I went the other way and just ordered a few of the cheap ones. It seems to be holding up well so far. I figure even if they crap out after 6 months, they were really cheap and I can afford to have a new one every once in a while. Rob
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    Brand new jetta 2014 all dash lights on!

    That rocks! Glad you had a happy ending for your first new car purchase. Does this count as your second new car? :) Rob
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    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    Looks great! Fun little project you have completed. Rob
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    Noise after shut off [1.8T]

    I know the proximity between the tank and the noise seems to support the speculation that it is the fuel pump, but would it really continue to run 30-60 seconds after I have shut the car off and exited the vehicle? I can walk all the way around the car after getting out at a relaxed pace and it...
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    The gasoline engine is NOT dead.

    Nope, I will never see anything like that on my 1.8TSI. I might get 600 mile on a tank some time, but that would be about as close as I could get. Rob
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    2014 Jetta TDI or 1.8 TSI?

    Could be, would love to see you guys get mileage like that. Rob
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    2014 Jetta TDI or 1.8 TSI?

    I used the EPA combined numbers for both. I could use my numbers for the 1.8 and add 4mpg to the 34 (TDI) and it would be even further off. Real world numbers are most likely always going to differ, but the published numbers are what I used. Rob
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    2014 Jetta TDI or 1.8 TSI?

    I'm doing better than the EPA numbers for Hwy, but just barely. But it is for my combined driving, so all is good. Still, it would be nice to get closer to TDI numbers. Rob
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    2014 Jetta TDI or 1.8 TSI?

    Yep, just pumping 87 since I have owned it. Haven't tried anything else. Rob
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    2014 Jetta TDI or 1.8 TSI?

    The last diesel I had was over 10 years ago. I got used to finding it on trips and around town. Wasn't that big of a deal and I was prepared for it all over again with this car. But when the MK6 platform offered the new engine, I decided to drive them back to back. For my driving, there...
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    2014 Jetta TDI or 1.8 TSI?

    Yep, I would agree it shouldn't just come down to numbers either, but that is the most compelling argument. I also considered the intangibles. I can get RUG at any station, I can't find diesel neraly as easy. Sure, I would learn the stations that offer it quickly, but when I travel outside...
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    2014 Jetta TDI or 1.8 TSI?

    It also kind of depends on how much you drive. I normally drive about 8000 miles a year, but now it looks like I might be driving three times that. For me, the numbers were still in favor of the 1.8TSI. The TDI cost more, the dealer was less interested on dealing on it, the financing option...
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    2014 Jetta TDI or 1.8 TSI?

    I bought the 1.8TSI. The numbers don't work favorable for the TDI in my area since there is a 30-50 cent premium for diesel in my area. And even after adding 50% to my normal yearly milage numbers for driving, I couldn't make the differnece back on financing, additional fuel cost and the...