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    2001 Lagoon Blue Jetta TDI - Full Part-out

    Downpipe in functional shape?
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    FS: SBC Stage II Daily Clutch w/21lb flywheel

    Interested. Sending you a PM.
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    Red 2000 tdi jetta part out

    Downpipe Rear Axle Beam Driver and Passenger front fender liner
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    WTB: Rear axle beam for 2001 Jetta

    I got rear ended a few months back. The car got totaled by his insurance, and I repaired it. Got all the body work done, and found that I could not get it aligned. Seems the rear axle beam is bent. So, I'm looking for a rear axle beam that will fit my car. One place asked if I needed/had an...
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    ETKA and spring rates

    Thanks tuscTDI! Found them in the trunk. Interestingly, I had no rear stabilizer code (0BB or 0BC as I understand it, for a Jetta) but rather just a 0N1 code for a "standard rear axle". Hopefully my parts guy can translate that, as he was asking whether I needed a 0BB or a 0BC.
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    ETKA and spring rates

    Where did you get the list of option codes for your vehicle? Are they printed on the vehicle somewhere, or did you get that out of VAG-COM? I am needing to determine the option code for the rear stabilizer on my Jetta, and did not see anything on the door sill. Thanks! *~cosmic~~~
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    FS: 2004 Jetta TDI Parting out

    Rear axle beam? Do you have the rear axle beam available? Flex downpipe?
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    Parting Out '03 Jetta GL TDI

    How's your downpipe?
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    Funk switch - any ideas on how to wire this up

    Interesting. So this explains why, when off, my installation of the funk switch is amber, not red (to match everything else). It still functions as desired, but the lack of matching things has been a bit irksome. I guess I risk blowing the LED as the "Hi amber" as I called it is actually...
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    Also interested in pricing.
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    2003 Jetta Wagon - manual trans swap kit- part out

    I am interested in some interior pieces. Where in OH are you? You may be really close. :-)
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    Mobil 1 TDT $16.13/gal

    It has been recently that they started, I try to check every so often, but admittedly that has mostly taken place at Walmart, thinking it would show up there. Certainly within the year, probably within the last few months, but I can not say for certain.
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    Installing Pioneer HU, need a little help please.

    I do not believe that wiring to the cig lighter for switched power will work. On my 01 Jetta, the cig lighter stays powered all the time (like your radio now) You should have a switched power line back there, although I am not sure of the color at the moment. I would suggest using a...
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    Mobil 1 TDT $16.13/gal

    Meijer's around this way has Turbo Diesel Truck and SUV 5W40 for $19.99 a gallon, on sale through the 12th. (Actually, all the Mobil 1 products are on sale at this price) The weird thing is, at one of our Meijer's, $20.99 was the regular shelf tag price, while at the other, $19.99 was the...
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    Parting out: 2001 Jetta TDI 5-speed Oceanic Green hit in front

    Assuming your interior is black, I would like the center console armrest. LMK, cost with shipping to 40506. Thanks!