anything with an engine
Kensington, NH
CNC machine tool service engineer
2006.6 Jetta GLS 5 speed 125,000 miles, 2001.5 Jetta GLS 5-speed, Tornado Red, Monsoon w/CD changer
Fuel Economy
Epsilonian EGR mod, Oilguard bypass filter, Delvac 1, magnetic drain plug, Elephant hose CCV, GLX headlamps w/Phillips all weather bulbs, Euro switch, Katzkin leather, black w/ red inserts & logo
Mods (cont.)
OEM jack pads, Passport 8500 hardwired, sunglasses holder, Nokian NRW's on Avus alloys in the winter, Power Service white/silver, laser absorbing acrylic front plate cover, Upsolute


2006 Jetta GLS 5 speed, 280,000 miles, 2001.5 Jetta GLS TDI 5-spd, 630,000 miles, 1999 Jetta GL TDI, 222,000 miles, 2000 Jetta GLS TDI, 270000 miles, 1983 Jetta turbo diesel, 2-dr., 5-spd, A/C(RIP)
1980 Scout Traveller SD-33T
1986 Chev K10 6.2


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