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    Where is the CAN Gateway module located?

    I don't think the Mk4 has a gateway installation list function - it's only on the newer Mk5+ chassis cars. Someone might correct me though.
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    Phone in car

    USA market, and I believe Canadian market VWs do not have any 'pass through' for the cell antenna on the roof to your phone. In Europe there was an option for this, I'm not sure how it worked at a tech level. Apple CarPlay at least can pass the car's GPS information on to the phone. -J
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    U.S. Comeback?

    VW's biggest crime was having 2 completely different sets of maps in the ECU, one which was emissions compliant and one that was not. Initially if you drove gently the car would use the emissions compliant maps, which defers DPF regens and was causing the DPFs to crack. Then VW updated the...
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    Headlight Question

    Manual level controls on headlights aren't legal under DOT. I agree they should have automatic level control.
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    U.S. Comeback?

    There's a reason the Chevy Cruze cost more, was louder, and got worse economy than a VW TDI. It was emissions compliant, the VW was not. -J
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    A spacious EV for road trips: will it become real for $50K in 2023?

    About 120 on the highway going 75+. We go from ~10% to ~60%. Going from DC to Grand Rapids MI was 3 stops. We could have done it with 2 stops, but it would have taken longer. Plus getting out to stretch every ~2 hours is nice, and the dog needs to go for a walk anyway. -J
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    A spacious EV for road trips: will it become real for $50K in 2023?

    Ah. On our car we stop for about 15 minutes usually, a bit longer if we're giving the dog dinner.
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    Remove "Missing" link reference

    I can see it too, it you edit your signature there's no option to remove the danasoft link? You might try copying the text out, and deleting your signature completely, then paste the text back in. -J
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    A spacious EV for road trips: will it become real for $50K in 2023?

    So while you were eating your ice cream several Teslas visited a supercharger, and this somehow an issue? We're on another road trip in our '18 Model 3 right now. The odometer just rolled past 125,000! We've driven the car on 3 cross country road trips, and visited all 48 continental US...
  10. Model 3 125K

    Model 3 125K

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    2.0 tdi automatic transmission upgrade

    I agree. This also means any time the power demand changes the transmission shifts, sometimes multiple gears :rolleyes: "Just pick a gear and stay there!" -J
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    Is there a back up assist or sensor in my jetta

    A backup camera was optional in some markets. Does your car have one? It would be visible near the license plate. It's possible someone replaced the radio or changed the soft coding to tell the car there's a backup camera, when none is present.
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    Crackling noise from rear speakers

    Does your car have the Monsoon system? These cars are getting old enough that capacitor failures in the audio systems are going to start happening. But, if you can smack the dash and the noise goes away it might just be a connection / grounding issue. I'd suggest disconnecting, and...
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    One thing that's been pleasant surprise: Tesla parts are actually very reasonably priced. And they have mobile service. Our car is out of warranty now - it's got 125,000 miles. We had to get a control arm / ball joint replaced, that was around $300 total; and the charge port door & motor which...
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    Good news is on the Tesla you can turn the brightness way down, and the screen(s) get quite dim. It also changes the colors at night so the image is less bright to begin with. -J