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    Loud Knocking from Passenger Side Dash Area

    just chiming in that I had the same issue around 15k miles
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    CEL P20E8 Adblue

    Putting this here for posterity and hopefully will save someone in the future. I'm at about 39K miles and got a check engine light, shows code P20E8 in VCDS and ODBII reader. After taking to the dealer they say I have a small hole in the line that runs from the adblue tank to the adblue...
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    Highest Mileage EA288's?

    I'm at 33K. I had a ripped CV boot at 25K, replaced under warranty, otherwise just typical maintenance items.
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    Rear view Camera for Golf TDI S

    You don't need to turn around and look out the back window. I almost never do this anymore. Backing up requires your mirrors. The backup camera is really nice for backing into parking spaces.
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    Replace New Beetle Alternator - a guide.

    MoGolf pointed this out to me a few years ago when I had the same question, just passing on the knowledge :)
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    Replace New Beetle Alternator - a guide.

    1 being closest to the round part of the D and 2 being closest to the square side. Assuming your clip looks like this
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    Noisy brakes while backing

    I've owned many cars with disc brakes. I've never heard the unnatural dying whale noise my 2015 Golf makes when I reverse sometimes, typically in the morning, when its been slightly cold.
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    Replace New Beetle Alternator - a guide.

    the clip should say 1 & 2 on it. Blue is 1. The brown wire should have a red tracer line is 2.
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    a/c recirc clicking

    I'm at the dealer now for mine. Service manager told me its the second one he's had in for this issue this week, could be something to watch out for. They are replacing the recirc motor in mine, he said it's coming apart so the clicking is the gears not hitting as it opens up.
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    a/c recirc clicking

    mine just started doing this after 20k miles, will be checking with the dealer shortly
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    rattling noise around 2000 rpm

    on the outside/underside of the driver footwell? If so this could be my problem as well, I swear this is where I am hearing it.
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    rattling noise around 2000 rpm

    I'm hearing a noise at the same rpm's, generally when I'm on the highway. It pulses for me, a consistent pulse but does not increase/decrease with speed.
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    What MDI cable came with your car?

    I'm using one of these MDI to USB cables found on Amazon, it works great for charging, I've never tried to use it to play music or anything from my phone. I do everything over Bluetooth
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    Rear view Camera for Golf TDI S

    I don't have NAV and I have the rear view camera on my SE
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    backup cam stops while backing up

    I've had this happen a few times, I think it's when I go over 10mph in reverse. The camera turns dark, I believe its when I got 10+mph. It's nearly caused a wreck for me as I have a long driveway with high sides on it. Seems like a horrible "feature" to turn off the camera at high speed in...