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    P205B and P205C Codes- Into the Dealer

    When you say, warranty will cover, is it original warranty or extended? Do you need to pay any kinds of deductible?
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    How long did your battery last?

    The battery of my 2012 Passat TDi was dead yesterday. Tried to jump start it, did not work. VW road side assistant came, and also failed to jump start. Then, they towed away the car to the dealership. I know I could just buy a battery and replace it by myself, but I just wanted to make sure...
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    Haha, that was what I was thinking. But not easy to ask someone who spend $$ just to let us create the image file. Guess we have a very similar "theory!" If anyone who is confused about what we are talking about, let me try to explain it: someone needs to "take a picture" of original image in...
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    I doubt it is possible. Or if it is, it is going to be hard. My guess is when you update the map with the SD card you purchased, system will somehow write an info on that SD (i.e. increase the counter) and therefore it can only update it once. Unless someone is willing to try to record the...
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    OCT 8, 2013 APR ECU for TDI is not ready!

    Yes. Since the engine is the same, I believe it is compatible. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Eric
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    When did we start using temperatures in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit

    As a scientist, I use metric system everyday. Actually, I find it is easier than Imperial. 0°C means water is becoming ice. 100°C means water is vaporizing. 25°C means room temperature. When in Imperial system, 0°C becomes 32°F, 100°C = 212°F, and 25°C = 77°F. Computers like 0 and 1, I...
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    OCT 8, 2013 APR ECU for TDI is not ready!

    According to Vic at APR, "The flash has been released to the public and you guys should be able to get flashed again. Thanks for the patience." Please also see:!
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    Sorry about your lost. Assuming you have a SEL, your alarm can be turned on via Vag-Com. Here is the instruction: Please see post #62 by compu_85. Here is a copy of what he said: "This is going to rain...
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    OCT 8, 2013 APR ECU for TDI is not ready!

    I agree! But since DSG tune will increase torque limit (the CEL codes I have seen many times in previous several flashes), in order to test APR tune, I won't be able to flash DSG at this moment. My goal is to test the APR flash with stock almost everything (no intake, no DSG flash). Eric
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    OCT 8, 2013 APR ECU for TDI is not ready!

    Here is a newest update (beta V1.3) of the flash: 1) No more CEL codes 2) Speed limit is about 122~123mph 3) Much better response than stock ECU 4) Seems like transmision cannot keep up with the APR ECU flash, hesitation was noticed when suddenly speeding up. The beta is not released to...
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    VCDS/VAG-COM mod to show the gear position in D mode

    Only works on non-DSG models. Hope that helps.
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    Missing piece of intake - P/N Request

    Is this what you are looking for? OEM Air Intake Duct fit for VW Volkswagen Golf MK6 Passat B6 B7 Jetta MK5 MK6
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    APR ECU upgrade for 2.0TDI??

    APR is currently testing betta. Let's give them some more time and hope they will fix the problems! Eric
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    OCT 8, 2013 APR ECU for TDI is not ready!

    Hi all, Two weeks ago I had my car flashed with APR stage 1. Shortly after, I got some error codes: 8848 - Torque Difference Cylinder 3 P1006 00 [032] - Limit Value Exceeded Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00100000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault...