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    Erros Audi A4 b5 98

    Este forum é international, devia escrever em ingles para toda a gente poder ajudar. Tem ai uma avaria(00550) relacionado com o tempo de inicio de injecao provavelmente a bomba ficou fora de ponto. Convem verificar. Em relacao aos outros não encontro relação com o motor. Esses sintomas que...
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    Tune Time? Out of time?

    Tuned mine at about the same mileage yours is now, 100k later no issues other than a head gasket. So if it's running fine go for it.
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    Confirming an RCV failure in the AC?

    There is an internal RCV :D Had a little problem with mine, Sanden SD7V16, it was making too much cold, evaporator sitting around -2ºC.
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    Too much headpressure probably caused by lack of condenser cooling(fans not working correctly, clogged radiator fins), too much refrigerant gas or system contaminated with atmospheric air.
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    AC not cold enough, expansion valve?

    With variable displacement compressor this car should maintain suction(low pressure) just a little under 30psi. High side appears to be OK at 250 for that 90F ambient.
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    Crazy power steering squealing

    Check the alternator clutch pulley, seen them causing similar issues.
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    Flexible Service Interval Retrofit?

    turbocharged798, do you have the hood switch wired to cluster pin? What cluster do you have? And CCM?
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    Flexible Service Interval Retrofit?

    Do any of you that retrofited the oil level sensor got the low level warning coming up?
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    Injection Pump Swap

    A few months ago while replacing a timing belt on an ALH noticed that the pump lock hole was rotated 180º from the right point, dont believe it came like this from factory so it was probably a bad rebuild. Ended up just doing the usual procedure, but without locking the pump, in the end fine...
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    fuel gauge sensitivity

    You just need to fix the speed sensor, the speed signal is used to damp the fuel level.
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    Standalone VNT controller for all diesels

    Bosch EDC can do those, why try to reinvent the wheel? Boost on those ECUs is controlled in a closed loop, vanes position varies with RPM, EGT, Intake temperature, injected quantity,...
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    Metal in the oil

    Yeah, some unnecessary weight that engine is throwing out itself.
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    Metal in the oil

    Minor update: Took out the oil pan to retrofit a oil level/temperature sensor and guess what, found another piece of metal like the one in the photo that is on the first post. So far I know my engine block has two holes... any guess where? It's all dry, no visible oil around...
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    Flexible Service Interval Retrofit?

    Update, found out that ECU is the one who calculates Soot and Thermal load and sends it to Instruments Cluster through CAN-Bus, 2 bytes message. 0-255 each... ECU calculates this values based on two caractheristic maps siwOEL_tKF and siwOEL_rKF, on my ECU those maps were mispopulated with 254...
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    Flexible Service Interval Retrofit?

    Ok, now I understand. brrrrrrr I have read most of this thread and found nothing about what I'm thinking to do... Yes there is, but is only accessible with a scan tool.