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    Out of the cluster repair game

    I'm sure most of you know I have stopped repairing and modifying B4 clusters. Lots of life changes over the last year, and I just simply don't have time for it anymore. My computer with all my EEPROM data dying and not having anything backed up was the final nail in the coffin. I was very happy...
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    Tiguan 4Motion Common Rail TDI Swap

    Ive been thinking about and researching this swap for a long time and I'm finally getting started doing it. This past year my shop Chub's Auto got its rebuilding license from the state. Having a rebuilders license has allowed me to get some really good deals on salvage title cars. Earlier in...
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    Shop Fire

    I dunno if this is the correct section to post this in, but I figure most of the people I do work for will see it here. I was woken up yesterday morning to being told my shop was burning, not a real great way to start a long weekend...
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    WTB: A3 Golf Shell

    I recently bought a rusty rusty A3 Jetta TDI for a good price, and Im looking to do a swap into an A3 Golf. Im looking for a gasser or diesel Golf that has a blown motor or trans with little to no rust. Just let me know what you have and were your are and how much you want. Thanks Derek
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    Central Illinois GTG

    Ive been to a few GTG's that were a few hours away but there really isnt much happening in my area. Im located about 30 miles south of Springfield in Taylorville, IL. There are getting to be more and more TDI's around town and I know there are quite a few of you upstate and downstate from me. I...
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    03 Jetta 1.8 Turbo Almost Complete Drivetrain Swap

    I got an 03 1.8T Jetta not to long ago that was rolled badly, so I decided to part it out. I pulled the complete drive train and all related components. The engine is a 180 Hp 1.8 turbo engine with a 5 speed tiptronic auto transmission that had 100K on it . The car took most of its damage to the...
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    Need ASAP, 02A shift housing

    Im in need of a shift housing for my 96 Passat. I couldnt shift any farther then 2nd gear, took the housing off the transmission only to find it damaged beyond just a simple bushing and seal replacement. I tried to order a new one and there on national back order. I only need the housing but I...
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    Need ASAP Injector Hold Down (Central Illinois)

    I had an injector hold down (the fork the injector hold down bolt goes threw) break on my 96 B4 Passat with a 1Z. I need one badly, if anyone close to me has one I would be willing to drive to get it. Im located in Taylorville, Il its about 30 miles south of springfield. Thank you very much.
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    B4 Part Out

    I have a white 96 Passat TDI I just got done parting out, at the moment I still have the body of the car but it will be gone very shortly. The body is in good shape other then the roof is smashed in. Make offer on any item, if you want an body parts cut off while I have it let me know. Not...
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    FS- B4 MFA Conversion Clusters

    I have 2 MFA clusters that I converted over to TDI MFA clusters. These clusters started out as VR6 clusters, I install the missing LED for the relocated MIL, install the 2 missing surface mount resistors, I also install a pin in the blank connector on the back of the cluster so the second plug...
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    AC service port

    Its starting to get warmer finally and Im going to be needing my A/C again here shortly. When I rebuilt the motor in my car I had to drain the A/C and for some reason the Robinair A/C machine we have thats been used on lots of other cars wont open the service ports. I ended up replacing the...
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    B4 Passat Wagon Taylorville, IL

    I was driving by KFC here in Taylorville, Il and I see a green B4 wagon turn into KFC, I couldnt see if it was a TDI so I circled back around to look and sure enough it was a pretty nice looking green B4 TDI wagon. I have no clue who owns it, Ive never seen it around town before. Must have been...
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    WTB Dead or Alive B4 Clusters

    Im looking for any and all B4 Passat instrument clusters V6, 4 cylinder gas, and TDI. As long as they dont have the screws next to the speedo and tach I may be interested. Doesnt matter if they work or not, I need parts clusters and repairable cores. Thanks
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    WTB Crankshaft for 1Z/AHU

    I need a crank for my 96 Passat with a 1Z, it decided to break in half yesterday. Let me know what you have, either a good used one or one that can be resized.
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    Dead motor

    Well today was not a good day, on the way back from a junk yard up by Chicago I lost oil pressure and now have a nice knock in my engine. Im not sure what exactly happened just driving along on the interstate I hear a slight tick starting then the oil light flashes. I pulled over shut it off and...