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    Advice for a non USA buyer buying US diesel van?

    Just to put my "head" into context. I currently run and am restoring a forty five year old Peugeot 604. I have to make or repair body panels myself because they no longer exist. It has the same hated 2.7 PRV engine that you are probably familiar with from the Volvo 264 and Delorean's, the one...
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    Advice for a non USA buyer buying US diesel van?

    Thanks for your replies Mozambiquer. I am quite a stubborn person which can make me come over as argumentative, however you clearly know what you are talking about. Even if I don't follow your advice at least my eyes will be wide open. What do you think of the 6.6 Duramax? I haven't looked...
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    Advice for a non USA buyer buying US diesel van?

    I just did some quick calculations. The most reliable Econoline is the 4.6 right? If I do 100,000 miles at current European fuel prices I think a 4.6 is going to burn through about 35,000 Euros worth of petrol. A 6.0 would burn about 22,500 Euros of diesel. The question is then, would the 6.0...
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    Advice for a non USA buyer buying US diesel van?

    Concerning cam followers, that's one issue I heard about which I haven't researched. They are a standard (and I suppose cheap) GM part aren't they? But what do you have to remove to change them? Do the heads have to come off? I know that if the heads crack that replacements are $2000.
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    Advice for a non USA buyer buying US diesel van?

    I get that. I have done my research. I have a friend nearby with a workshop with a twin post lift. If I have to lift the body off I can, and I won't have to pay a mechanics time to do it. But it would need to drive around USA for one month without that support. European vans are no better...
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    Advice for a non USA buyer buying US diesel van?

    I haven't been on here for years and years, but I hope that you folks will forgive me because I am after some help. The situation is that I have been interested in getting an Econoline with a V8 diesel for about 18 years. Back then I forgot about it and bought a Peugeot 806 instead. When our...
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    Low Power, Erratic Shifting, Electronic Issues

    Is 2006 an A4 or an A5 ?
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    Rear passenger door sometimes unlocks, sometimes doesn't.

    This is on a friend's Seat Toledo which is electrically / mechanically 99% a Mk4 Jetta. The left rear passenger door sometimes unlocks and sometimes doesn't. Locking appears to be reliable. I already pulled off the interior door card. What I can see is a rod coming out of the inside of the...
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    2002 New Beetle Injection Pump Problem

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    Cruze Diesel Review in Diesel World magazine...

    three reasons why this is getting locked:- Please read the forum rules No flaming of other members to incite or perpetuate a conflict or argument. ANY personal attacks or name calling will get you banned.
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    Mazda SkyActiv Diesel Engine

    Both of you need to take note of rule 3 at .
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    98 Jetta driven hard to the point of failure.

    I don't think any explanation is needed why I'm locking this.
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    Peugeot 604

    Can one of you buy this car and keep it safe just in case I ever decide to move to the USA ?
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    Humming nosise from car

    a friend of mine owns a 2004/5 Seat Toleda with a 130bhp PD engine. This has recently started making a low humming noise and I can't figure out what it is. This car is basically a repackaged Mk4 Golf. When the engine is cold there is no noise but after only 5 minutes of driving the noise...
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    Business idea...

    Sorry but this doesn't seem to be anything to do with diesel vehicles so I'm moving it to general automative.