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    FCA cheating diesel settlement

    And that is the crux of the issue. "Normal" operating conditions are defined by the EPA. However, "normal" and real world are two different things. The ecodiesel does indeed disable the emissions systems under real world conditions that are outside the defined "normal".
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    FCA cheating diesel settlement

    No they didn't. They did not intentionally engage their emissions systems only during emissions testing, and disable it during normal driving. They did not lie to the government when the issue was discovered either. What FCA engineers did was disable some of the emissions systems during...
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    I forgot about the 12/31/18 deadline...

    Ironic how they are firm on their deadlines for owners, but never met any of the court directed deadlines for claims processing.
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    FCA cheating diesel settlement

    I purchased my Ram 1500 ecodiesel new back in 2014. 76k miles, average of 25.5 mpg over it's lifetime and still running strong. I'll take the fix. Supposedly the issue wasn't about cheating for emissions testing purposes but rather disabling certain things under certain conditions. FCA did...
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    Buying a Non-Fixed Gen 1 TDI

    I'm almost positive VW had to have any that were bought back fixed prior to reselling them. How do you know they don't have fixes?
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    Warranty question on re-commissioned 2015

    I'm going to chime in here even though you said take it easy on you. You come onto a site where people have legitimately been harmed by a fraud committed and covered up by a company and post this crap. No wonder the world is so f'd up with lawsuits. believe you're entitled to an...
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    Arizona Settlement and Payout

    tsingtao, Did you buy your TDI new in Arizona? Reading what is posted on the website, it seems to indicate that only the original purchaser of the vehicle is eligible and also only if the car was purchased in Arizona.
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    Paralyzed and Agonizing: Buyback vs Fix 2013 TDI JSW

    Glad to hear you were able to undo the deal on the first car. I'm sorry it went so bad. Hopefully this second car will be better for you. I suppose getting a lemon is always a risk and maybe even more so when dealing with cars that may have been sitting for several months. I wish you the...
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    Starting to get worried - buyback

    You should be ok. If they don't accept the sales agreement as proof of acquisition, the carfax as well as the original registration should work. I don't think you should really have any problems as long as the car has always had a clean title. Sometimes dealerships get duplicate titles...
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    Arizona Settlement and Payout

    Arizona owners were included in the federal settlement and received fixes, restitution and buybacks like all of the other states. This is a separate settlement, similar to the Bosch settlement that will add additional dollars for Arizona owners. No doubt the state got the biggest chunk of...
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    Paralyzed and Agonizing: Buyback vs Fix 2013 TDI JSW

    I'm glad it worked out for you. I hope the replacement JSW is just as good to you as your original. Sounds like you were able to bank a few more dollars and still get to enjoy the same type of car you had.
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    Arizona Settlement and Payout

    Looks like the state of Arizona settled separately with VW. Owners may be getting additional money from the state. Interesting.... No details yet on what the qualifications will be or when the payouts may happen...
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    how to check on pay-out

    You can use this website to lookup your VIN.
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    Paralyzed and Agonizing: Buyback vs Fix 2013 TDI JSW

    loop7, check the market for used TDI's that have the fix. You may find you can sell your car back and purchase a like new '15 for less money than they'll give you for yours, plus you still get the fix and extended warranty. Otherwise, if you love your particular car and understanding the...