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    SF East Bay - Dublin/Pleasanton/Livermore

    Looking for some local TDI owners. :) I live in Livermore. We're a two TDI household: an '11 JSW, and a '12 A3. Just reaching out. It's always fun to chat about what I'm guessing are other long commutes, mileage, beating your best time home, funny experiences at the gas station, long walks on...
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    Tips on tinting wanted...

    California Auto Tinting & Polishing ( in Campbell, CA is a good one. Audi of Stevens Creek uses them for their cars, Google uses them for their buses, I trust it. :) Ask for Bob. I had my A3 done last week. It cost $425, which might be a little high, but I know other people who...
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    Carefree Maintenance?

    My dealer threw in the $750 Carefree Maintenance plan for free, because another local Audi dealer had a special for my company where you'd get it for free, so the other one matched it. They didn't blink an eye. See if you can swing it. :)
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    New to "me" 2012 Sportback TDI

    Beautiful color! I went with black, and no joke, I had swirl marks after the first month from one brushless car wash. I talked to a body shop about how easily it swirled, and he said it's due to Audi using a water based paint and coat- he said it's better for the environment, but sucks for...
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    12 A3 TDI vs 12 Jetta TDI MPG

    FWIW, I have a '12 A3 TDI I bought in October, and my wife has a '11 JSW TDI she bought in July. At this point we both have about 16k miles on them (I caught up!). On paper (I keep a spreadsheet with fillups.. no Fuelly yet), I average about 37mpg in the A3, and she averages about 36mpg in the...
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    Thought this was funny

    I guess there are worse things that could happen. :)
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    New Audi A3 TDI owner here

    Congratulations! Lookin good :)
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    "Surging" "lurching" or shift hesitation

    I took mine in for service too, but was also told there were no updates. :( I was really hoping too; my wife just had her '11 JSW TDI in for service, and SHE had an update- it made the drive smooth as butter! Maybe they're still in the process of tuning the config before they release it to the...
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    Pics of my new A3 TDI

    Looks beautiful! I bought mine back in mid-October. I was really torn between getting a white or black one. In the end, I went with black. I love it, but I love the white just as much- I'll probably go with that next time around. :) Totally agree that the front-end is the best looking one...
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    I hate my A3

    Yeah, I don't get back pain, but I definitely get leg cramps. My own fault though. I'm somewhere between 6'2" and 6'3", and at the dealer didn't really think twice. Two weeks into my long, daily commutes, I started noticing it. If they allowed the driver's seat to go all the away against the...
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    A3 TDI - First Impressions

    The iPhone integration thing definitely is weird. If you get the RNS-E navigation unit, then you can, but you still don't get Bluetooth streaming right off the bat.. unless you have an RNS-E, purchase the USB interface cable, then purchase the Bluetooth USB music adapter and hook it into that...
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    2012 A3 stereo

    No prob! It has a port in the back, but you'll need to buy the cable to hook up. This site has more info on the cables: There are two different types of cables. You'll need the one "CAN & AMI MMI 3G" with the dark blue...
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    Temperature display

    Hah! That helps a lot actually, as I have also seen that one thrown out there, and had no clue! Thanks :-)
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    Temperature display

    Hey Don! Question for you- do people use MFD and DIS interchangeably? I've seen it referred to as both, but I'm not sure if there is a correct way, or if DIS was just some slang term that caught on? (If you haven't heard it, DIS == Driver Information Screen) Talk to you soon :) Thanks! Chet
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    2012 A3 stereo

    An update on this one for you guys: I finally picked up an RNS-E (193 B) on eBay for $900 total last week, which included shipping from Europe, removal keys (to get my Concert II+ out), the latest 2011 North America navigation DVD, and a GPS antenna (which was ridiculously easy to install.. I...