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    2003 jetta wagon 5spd 186k miles $5K ***Obo***

    2003 Jetta Wagon ALH 5spd swap Silver A couple dents and dings - par for the course for 15yo car. Mostly DC-parking-bump scratches. $5K ***OBO*** MAKE ME AN OFFER 186K miles (daily driver - mileage will increase) Idparts quiet clutch kit. Transmission from 2001 ALH beetle Idparts short...
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    FS: ALH Injectors w/stock nozzles

    $500 *OBO* Make me an offer! Injectors have ~150K miles on them. Original injectors from 2003 wagon (will also be putting tbat up for sale soon). No functionality issues. I just pulled a set of PP764-equipped injectors from another engine and swapped them over. Located in northern...
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    Locks Open for 100 million VW cars there's a source for the full article that won't try to force you to turn off adblock.
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    Mk4 Beetle Sunroof Drain Hose Replacement - Front AND Back - With video.

    My pleasure! If you're going to TDIFest, I'd be happy to replace the hoses on your '03. I did a tech sesh on mk4 jetta front drains last year, but would like to do one on a beetle this year.
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    Clearing Out ALH Parts

    How many miles on the engine? what's the story on the turbo?
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    Anyone want a MK4 Sunroof drain tech session again?

    I posted a tutorial for all 4 drain hoses on a MK4 beetle here - If you want yours done at the fest, let me know. We can line up a tech session and I will demonstrate on your beetle. I can also do front hoses on a jetta wagon. Still haven't had...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Beetle: - Sanded, 5xcoat self-etching primer, 5xcoat black stovepainted my gaudy-ass chrome rims that came with the car, and finally got the snows off this beast so I can drive it again. It still looks meh, but atleast it's not as bad as before. - Changed all 4 sunroof drains. This meant I...
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    Mk4 Beetle Sunroof Drain Hose Replacement - Front AND Back - With video.

    This was done on my 2001 beetle. Should apply to other Mk4 beetles. If you attempt the job and have any hiccups, feel free to contact me, either by pm or email ( ) and I will do all I can to help. Tools required: - Phillips head screwdriver (#2, preferably) - Small flathead...
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    Tanked fuel economy. 2 VCDS charts. Any ideas?

    I don't know for certain. I will have to consult the mechanic on that one.
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    Tanked fuel economy. 2 VCDS charts. Any ideas?

    For mostly-city-driving fillups, I was averaging somewhere around 34-36. Mixed-city-and-highway (city plus drives up and down the eastern Appalachian ridge -very hilly) I was averaging about 35-39. The only transmission issues I ever had, similar to the ones I've had lately, were before I A...
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    Tanked fuel economy. 2 VCDS charts. Any ideas?

    Those are the static timing. It consistently hopped between 63/64. I'm not sure how to check dynamic timing - I'm new to VCDS - and couldn't pin down instructions for it in the VCDS manual. If you would be so kind as to instruct me on how to log that, I would be happy to. I also have an ALH...
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    Tanked fuel economy. 2 VCDS charts. Any ideas?

    I have a 2003 Wagon 01M (auto). I have had tanking fuel economy lately - sub 30mpg tanking. I had a new head installed/TB change recently, due to an on-start (not in-motion) timing belt failure, by a trusted mechanic in the area (forum recommendation) and things started to go south. The car is...
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    SOLD! 2001 Beetle GLS TDI

    Yeah I picked it up. Engine is good. Interior... needs work. Very rough. I'll post before/after stuff when I'm done with everything. Ordered a bunch of [very much needed] schtuff today: Thermostat/flange Engine coolant temp sensor 1 gallon g13 coolant Full new driver side window regulator and...