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    SoCal 2001 golf GL for sale

    77k miles, 5spd, blue paint / tan cloth interior 2dr / crank windows / manual everything New maf at 69999 miles, have spare pierberg as well. New 75k TB (and water pump and such) at 59999 miles. New tires at 65k or so. mp3 cd changer with stock HU Mobil 1 5/40 used at all times. I've got all 3...
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    2003 Jetta TDI For Sale - Temecula, CA

    I've got a blue 2001 golf GL (tan cloth interior, 5spd, 77k miles, etc) that I'm interested in selling. I live in riverside, ca, so I'm pretty close by. pm me if interested.
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    There's a bees nest behind my mirror

    There\'s a bees nest behind my mirror I've found that a little smoke from a piece of burning paper or something similar makes them sleepy and they fall off the hive. Then they're easy enough to squish. In your situation, I'd probably use smoke to make them sleepy, then slightly soapy water to...
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    Broke bolt in cylinder head near injector ! Help !

    EZ outs are poorly named. If they break, and they often do, they make the problem 1000 times worse. Tow the car to a shop that can do welding; have them tack weld something onto the broken end of the bolt; that'll get the broken bolt out. Or heat the head up with a torch and see if a left...
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    I drove in ireland. I just left my left hand on the shifter most of the time when I was driving and after a while it became second-nature to shift with my left hand. I think it would have been lots harder if the pedals had been shifted around as well, or if the shift gate pattern were...
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    CD Player - mp3?

    I've got an alpine cd changer in the trunk that plays mp3s on standard iso9660 cdroms. I think it would work really well with a later model VW HU but changing tracks with the single-din head unit is a pain; with the later I think you can use a rotary thingy to change tracks. Other than...
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    Built in Navi for $499

    Mine isn't actually an OEM changer -- it's an alpine MP3 changer connected to a cable adapter and some PIE protocol adapter. I like having that changer; I suppose I could probably sell it and buy another but I'm kinda lazy. I don't mind rewiring stuff but I don't really want to buy and sell...
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    Built in Navi for $499

    I'd buy one of these if it could control my existing VW compatible cd changer.
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    wildly off topic: non diesel 86 cabriolet question

    So my girlfriend's about to move in with me; she lives in northern california and I live in southern california. Ignoring all the obvious problems (and advantages) to this she's got to drive her 86 cabriolet about 500 miles in the middle of summer. On my first visit in a couple weeks we drove...
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    Poor Performance 2001 TDI 66K

    I've got a 2001 golf with a vin# larger than the one you stated but I've also got an old style belt. The best way to tell if a car has the new or old style belt is to look at the belt on the car. I've got only 55k on mine so I'm in the process of looking around for the best place to get my...
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    alpine cd changer with stock head unit

    I'm pretty sure I used the <font color="green"> All Models 1998-2003 VW/PC-ALP Location: 12-Pin data cable in trunk.</font> version. My setup uses the stock harness up until the area in the trunk with the changer. I would try to either test it out or test someone else's out before plunking...
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    Searched high and low for a MP3 CD Changer...

    Tuner knob? I've got a volume knob but no tuner knob. There are various times the volume knob does change things but I haven't figured out how to make it change track numbers -- that would be ideal and wonderful. How do you make the volume knob change tracks? chris
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    My Golf Rear Ended! Solution to 'Paint Spider'?

    My Golf Rear Ended! Solution to \'Paint Spider\'? Odd that you'd have so much damage from a parking incident. I've taken some pretty heavy thumps on my car and all that's happened is my license plate got a little dented. Also the rear bumper cover has a giant crease in the plastic that was...
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    Searched high and low for a MP3 CD Changer...

    I've got one and I like it just fine. It's an alpine unit and it has some irritating features but over-all was a decent option given that the phatbox was too expensive at the time and I didn't want to use an aftermarket headunit. In order to make the alpine unit work you've got to get a...
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    Day Time Running Lights

    I like DRL. I had a toyota corolla that would turn off the headlights if the ignition was turned on and off and the driver's door opened; they came back on as soon as either the light switch was cycled or the ignition turned on. It was a very nice, well thought out feature and with it I simply...