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    EVO skid plate for sale (complete kit)

    Sold Thanks for all the interest...
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    EVO skid plate for sale (complete kit)

    I have posted pics. Let me know Chris
  3. kit boxed ready to ship

    kit boxed ready to ship

  4. kit


  5. riv nuts

    riv nuts

  6. top side and kit

    top side and kit

  7. EVO skid plate

    EVO skid plate

    bottom side and kit
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    EVO skid plate for sale (complete kit)

    I will get pics tonight and post tomorrow.
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    EVO skid plate for sale (complete kit)

    EVO for sale MKIV Jetta TDI... this skid plate is complete and has new rivet nuts. As good as new and it comes with some character to boot. It is not bent up or anything like that it does have some scrapes. Pics as requested Thanks Chris reason selling.... Bought different Jetta need to buy...
  10. .756 gears

    .756 gears

    .756 gears
  11. .756 gears

    .756 gears

    .756 gears
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    .756 OD gear set for sale

    This set is in great shape. It was removed from a 98 VW Jetta. The original configuration shifted great and no noise. replaced .756 with .658 for better fuel mileage. Would like to get 150.00 OBO to offset 400.00+ for the .658's. The transmission is still on the road and the gears look like...
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    05 Beetle Front Bottom Engine Plate

    Skid Plate Rob Are you still looking for a skid plate? I might have just what you are looking for.:) Let me know Chris
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    Who has a Vag-com, scan tool, and where?

    VAG COM scan tool I have a VAG-COM scan tool, I'm located near Joplin MO