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    Relay kill switch

    Without relay 109 working the fuel pump relay also will not work because the engine ECU provides the earth for the fuel pump relay so, like previous people have said, just put a switch to disconnect the earth to relay 109.
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    Passat AWX conversion into 1973 MK1 Ford Transit, engine wiring info please

    I see from your profile picture that the mk1 transit is the non-diesel version, which had either the V4 1700, or v4 2l engine fitted so I can imagine space is at a premium as regards to fmic and radiator fitment. Would be great if you could post some pictures up of the conversion so far.
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    Rough starts with a lot of white smoke!

    The oil cooler, this cause's oil in the water if it fails, egr only has water passing through it not oil
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    Asz oil filter housing

    I'm afraid you cannot fit that filter housing onto your block, you will need to change the block or swap the engine for the other one
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    AHU swap to manual transmission.

    Have you seen these posts yet ? Might help you out
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    AHU swap to manual transmission.

    That sensor isn't fitted to either one of the B4 Passat's that my partner and myself own so no issues with that. Which ECU are you using ?
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    AHU swap to manual transmission.

    You just need to select the manual code block using VCDS, and that ECU is not flashable over OBD
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    1.9TD AAZ fuel pump issues

    The last time that happened to me I found that the linkage inside the pump had come off the arm that operates the collar on the plunger.
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    Swap ecu 80pin to 121pin

    Ok so my apologies to Blueattack, he is a member on this website. Here is the link to the information:-
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    conversao msa 80pin para edc15 121 pin

    Para ser honesto, não tenho tempo para fazer isso por você. Eu trabalho em tempo integral em uma garagem durante a semana e nos fins de semana tenho coisas para fazer em casa. Faça o que puder e se tiver problemas, tentarei ajudá-lo
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    Swap ecu 80pin to 121pin

    There are some guides floating about, I have one from a guy called Blueattack, I think I got it off of the ECU Connections website, but not 100% sure, It's only a guide, because the wire colours vary between marques, but the pin numbers are usually the same. You need to be a member to view...
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    conversao msa 80pin para edc15 121 pin

    You need to write in English. and there is no diagram or table. If you use the later Audi engine loom that plugs into the ECU and then you have to wire in the 14 pin plug on that loom for the oil, temperature, as well as the wire in that plug which go's to pin 88 in the engine loom plug as well...
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    N47 diesel bmw 2002

    I personally would not fit that engine into any vehicle. They have timing chain, oil pump and crankshaft issues. At work there sit's one of these engines that I am just fitting a new crankshaft to. The reason ? it spun a main bearing on the crankshaft main bearing journel and connecting rod. The...
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    Shifter linkage play

    I totally agree with Windex, I have converted my B3 & B4 to the O2J shifter and it's much improved the gear selection, I've also fitted the short shift Audi TT short shift arm, but to be honest I can't notice the difference
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    BEW stand alone

    Is this EDC 16 ? If so be very careful as to what you insert into the ecu plug because if the test probe is too large it opens up the terminal and yes you have the correct resistance's but when you plug it back together the terminal is now too large to make correct contact with the pin, Ask me...