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    Give the gift that keeps on giving...

    This Christmas give yourself the best gift you can... find a real GURU to work on your car. Its a gift that keeps on giving... Personally I have to drive 600 miles for mine but its well worth it. And for all you real GURU's out there and especially the ones that participate in this forum -...
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    CV Joint Emergency Fix

    Not a fix really but could get you down the road without a tow. Here is what happened. Moderate vibration on acceleration turned into severe vibration and clunking sound. I recalled my dealer lamenting that whenever he tried to diagnose CV's they would often stop vibrating after being on the...
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    Its finally time for a clutch!

    After 538,000 kms it seems my clutch has finally gone. Actually its not really the clutch but the DMF is really started to chatter which means I'm due for a replacement. Fortunately Brian at Roseland (for all of us in Canada) is available to supply parts. I've ordered the Valeo clutch kit with...


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    Where is Doc M

    Its been a long time since we have been blessed with his presence. Anyone know what is up?
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    TDI Jingles

    Winter Fuelling Jingle Oh the weather outside if frightful Your TDI Delightful My gauge if getting low Got to go, getting low getting low Forget about Biodiesel When the weather makes you shrivel Your fuel will start to gell Winter hell, starts to gell, shoulder bound Now if you are running...
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    To Good to be True?

    Too Good to be True? Found what sounds to be a deal too good to be true. Car is located across the country from me. Car is underpriced and now she is offering shipping. With a deal under 5 thousand for a low miles A4 wagon. Here is the last email I received. Am I at risk of losing the money? *...
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    Grizzly A/C Problems HELP

    I've read the Troubleshooting guide by Dan...thanks. But I think my compressor is toast. My condensor is not kicking on. Both fans are running when A/C button is on. I had the system go. Jumped 12v straight to compressor and the clutch still didn't engage. So I'm thinking I'll be...
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    Mechanic screwed my engine

    I went in for a coolant leak at the back of my 98 Chevy Full size pu with Vortex engine. He was going to replace my intake gasket. When he was done I went to start it and it ran like crap. Took it back to him and he started throwing parts at the engine. Spark plugs, new distributor, spark plug...
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    Seasonal Pet Peeve … Windchill

    Every winter the forum is inundated with battery, fuel gelling, cold start issues and posters tell us its -?? Degrees but its even colder due to the windchill and now my car won’t start etc. Windchill has NO effect on an inanimate object other than cooling it to the ambient temperature of the...
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    New Head...should I do the bottom end?

    Diagnosis is in on my 02 ALH with engine troubles. I will be putting a rebuilt head on the engine... nothing but Franks or new. Engine has 433,000kms or 270,000 miles. Lifter decided to commit suicide but no apparent impact or damage below the head itself. Engine ran great and has never...
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    The Gizz needs some help...Engine Trouble

    Well I'm hoping this isn't major but...I'm sure it is! Driving home and all of a sudden I hear a loud clattering (loud engine) with puffing sounds every engine cycle. When at an idle it runs very rough with puffing sounds and ticking with thick black smoke out the tail pipe, coupled with slight...
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    Heavy Load Thumping

    I'm worried that my clutch is about to give up the ghost... I have long miles on my car 430,000 kms and periodically I experience significant thumping in my drivetrain. The first time it happened....if I recall correctly I put the clutch in slowing down and it made quite a clatter. Now only in...
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    In Neutral Wheels Turn

    I have the car up on blocks to try to diagnose a vibration under load... start car and while the car is in neutral the front axle rotates... albeit slowly and I can stop it with my fingers. BUT why would a manual transmission transmit any energy into spinning the front tires while idleing in...
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    When will I get my paws back?

    Isn’t life interesting... summer whipped by and I’ve put off some non-crtical maintenance (contol arm bushings, intake clean etc) Bathroom renovation, rental house trashed by tenants, sold MIL’s house all took precedent. I’ve had carpal tunnell issues for well over ten years and I finally had...