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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    seeing this, got me concerned. there SHOULD be no GAP between the mounting frame to the CP3. You may have missed "notching" off the bracket on the top near the CP3...
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    Traded the '11 - probably my final TDI.

    hence why I stick to the TDI's...... the mentions you made, scares me LOL
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    gone to scrap: 46k original miles CJAA turbo

    nope 2 blocks are long gone. they were CKRA's. they are kissing happily ever after.
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    MK6 Golf Under-hood Insulation Question

    ahh good! my old one didnt, sagged to the unsafe position. tossed it.
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    I bought a Jeta TDI last month and received 2 error codes today

    ouch, my rocker panel is showing little rust forming on the spot where the bottom side of drivers/passenger door lip is by. (yes both sides) she's a former NJ car.
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    VW CC seats retrofit into the JSW

    me too! I had god-awful seat experience that was with 2000 Dodge Dakota........... felt like I was driving in a military humvee with zero cushion.
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    2013 Jetta TDI throwing code P0401, P0299 and P026A....

    should have kept it lol my friend had that ugly green 1997 Escort wagon with tiny 2.0 liters that makes less power than our JSW. we abused it with no mercy. it kept going like a trooper until 250k-300k miles then she traded it in for a new 2000's Subaru Forester.
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    VW CC seats retrofit into the JSW

    I wish but nope. JSW TDI's are one style. Passats gets 2. SE gets worst of the worst. Passat SEL's are a more nicer plus memory seats. VW CC is nice as Passat SEL but no memory, thats ok we will be fine with the CC seats for the Passat. my JSW seat are perfect for me.
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    2013 Jetta TDI throwing code P0401, P0299 and P026A....

    LOL those were well made American cars. today? not so much.