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    New 2015 Golf TDI S 6-spd MT

    Same. I see mentioned quite a bit there will be no 2dr TDI with the 7's, but I am holding out hope that may change at some point. It can be done easy enough since there are 2dr GTI and TSI golfs, so it's not like it would take much to get a 2dr TDI going. I'm hoping that the no 2dr TDI simply...
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    Passat vs Ford Fusion

    This is the awesome thing about highly subjective stuff like looks. I think the new Mazda 6 is the best LOOKING mid size 4dr out there myself, although it has some shortfalls in other areas. :D As far as quiet least the normal fusions aren't knock your socks off wow quiet compared...
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    Rear brakes?

    Not necessarily. Main point was to re grease the slide pins and clips. With the calipers up, the brake pads just pluck right out, which needs to be done to grease the slide clips anyways. Turning the piston in was simply why not since it takes an additional whole few seconds at that point, just...
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    Rear brakes?

    Mine did this once. I took out the pads and turned the caliper pistons back in, regreased the slide pins and slide clips, and put it all back together. Back left was the dragging brake, but did this for both sides. No further issue after that.
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    Battery died

    These batteries do get low on water, and are in fact serviceable as you mentioned....Mine went low after about 2yrs, and got another year out of it by adding some water. A quart is quite a bit though! I'd keep an eye on it to make sure its not overfilled. There is a lot of stuff underneath for...
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    New Owner

    I don't think lubricity is enough to prevent whatever random event causes these pumps to go when/if they go. There are plenty of people that use fuel straight from the pump with no additional additives ever that are up there in miles just fine. With the anecdotal information that is around, it...
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    Occasional Slow Start after sitting for less than 24 hours

    Do you start it like a normal car or do you pause for the light before cranking? My golf always fired right up after the light was out except for when the battery went. Every now and then I'd give it a straight crank when it's warm, since supposedly these cars can handle it...and when doing so...
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    2013 Golf AC output

    Part nature and I think part black interior. Once it's good and cooled down, it maintains temp easily. Getting to that point takes awhile vs a lot of cars though.
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    Soon to be owner with a couple questions - Stereo & Black Interior

    Sirius over compresses most of their channels anyways, so the better the audio system, the worse Sirius will sound as all the flaws are much more apparent. Anyhow, for the audio in these cars....can't answer that yet, but the regular premium 8 in the golf takes some tweaking with the...
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    brake maintenance

    If you drive on winter time roads, I'd flip up the calipers and regrease the slide pins as well as the slide clips once every year or 2 regardless how well the pad thickness is holding up. It will keep the calipers working freely and smoothly.
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    Efficiency gadgets and gizmos

    Not to mention that on a lot of cars that do have them, they remain open when the ac compressor is on for airflow through the that small gain with active shutters could potentially only apply to winter driving for a lot of folks.
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    MK6 Golf vs NMS Passat questions for those who have experienced both...

    Oh...and perhaps one last thing.....clutch feel and pedal spacing. I read the same similar complaints on feel for both cars, but I thought the pedal feel on my golf was fine. Is it about the same between the 2 or do they feel different. Also see a few mentions about spacing here with the passat...
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    MK6 Golf vs NMS Passat questions for those who have experienced both...

    I know there have been threads before, but this is a bit different from the usual price, mpg, etc differences. Just trying to see how a 2013 6M Passat SE would stack up against a 2dr MK6 6M Golf before checking out myself. This is arranged in order of importance to me... 1) Wind noise....I...
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    Car INS Help

    Sounds like your insurance company knows whats up. :D I know what the statistics say between teenage boys and girls driving, but since you have the old 80% of statistics are made up thing, I bet you it's exactly the opposite. While I think teenage boys might drive faster and more aggressive...
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    Brand New Jetta Sportwagen DSG - HELP!!!

    I think for something like that, you will def adapt. Even if you were to go to such extreme measures as ditching the car, be thankful TDI's generally hold value very well. Had it been something like a Cruz or Focus, you would be looking at a MUCH bigger loss trying to ditch a brand new car...