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    Filled Tank, Didn’t Start

    May have gotten the injection pump air locked. 17mm wrench and crack injector nut and crank until you see a tiny bit of fuel come out. Retighten, then crack and close the others and try cranking again
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    GTB2260VRK Turbo Converted

    Out of curiosity what kind of max boost do you see at various rpm ranges, say, 2000rpm, 2400rpm, 2800rpm..? When does it make max boost of 42?
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    edc16suite? going down the rabbit hole..... ;)

    if anyone happens to have any zip files of A2L files, that would help speed things along - please pm me. i got my hands on one for my wife's 2006 golf BEW, but i have yet not tried to source any others. US/north american edc15 and edc16 models would be most useful for my own testing purposes.
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    edc16suite? going down the rabbit hole..... ;)

    It will by it's nature include it ;)
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    edc15 tuning... getting into the game! very basic questions

    thanks for the offer. i'm kinda rusty. it was basically 20+ yrs ago the last time i did serious c/c++ programming, and all on unix/linux. emacs/vi, makefiles, creating GUIs with "motif" etc... heheh. this microsoft crap makes my brain hurt. really painful to my sensibilities as a programmer. i'm...
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    So.... ARP head studs are nowhere?

    Lol @ ecstuning saying they are "in stock" :LOL::LOL::LOL:. Hahahahahaaa
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    edc15 tuning... getting into the game! very basic questions

    well, i've officially gone down the rabbit hole bigtime... might be no turning back :eek: i'm knee deep in code now. it's been a long time since i've done any programming, and have almost no experience doing much on windows with visual studio, .net, c# .... this may be the final straw that...
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    edc16suite? going down the rabbit hole..... ;)

    this may dead end very quickly, but we shall see.... attempting to harness my long dormant programming skills from a past life. never used visual studio or have done much programming on windows. it was all on unix/linux with makefiles and c/c++ so this stuff is kinda confusing but hopefully i...
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    Screenshot 2021-12-04 170839.png

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    Help needed with BEW Turbo Actuator adjustment

    i like to log with vcds, and then re-play it with vc-scope. you can't have both programs running at the same time, so make sure you close one or the other. start vc-scope and open file, should default to you ross-tech Logs directory, open it. hit the fast forward to watch it at the speed you can...
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    Help needed with BEW Turbo Actuator adjustment

    what exactly is false? i'm not exactly sure what you are saying here... the numbers "3-6" and "18-22" correspond to when the vanes are fully open and fully closed . if the set screw is in the right place, 18-22hg should be hitting the stop. the exact number i do not know or remember what it...
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    VCDS turbo mode?

    Ok, thanks. So none of our alh ecus use kwp2000 and will not have turbo mode, correct? That is all I was wondering, as I am keeping my eyes out for some spare alh ecus to play with and if any had turbo capability I would have preferred to find those. But apparently that decision has been made...
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    VCDS turbo mode?

    been googling around and can't seem to find the answer - i know the BEW ecu works with "turbo!" mode for VCDS logging, the higher sampling rate is great for fine tuning. i know Turbo mode doesn't work on my AHU ecu or an 2001 ALH ecu that is in my brothers car. are there any later ALH ecus that...