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    Prices Paid for 'New' 2016 A6 (post-fix)

    Yup. It might be a "new" vehicle to you, but the moment you drive it off the's a two year old car. At least that's how any potential buyer would look at it. ex. If you keep it three years and decide to sell won't be a three year old car. It'll be a five year old car. I went...
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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Nice. I'm ready to get paid...again, lol.
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    Bosch settlement

    Yup. Exactly. That and let's be real...they could have given the 2.0L owners $30k each and people would have still complained. "But it would have been nice to get $33k," lol.:rolleyes: Anytime you can get out of a 3+ year old vehicle with 50k+ miles for what you paid for it...I would call...
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    Buyback Lessons Learned

    Yup. I had the forms ready to go. From the time I pulled onto the lot to the time I walked out the door with the check was x < 15 minutes.
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    Bosch Settlement email

    They've got some good stuff (ex. I like their balls), but I've never gotten any better result out of a $35+ box of their balls than I have a decent budget ball. That doesn't inspire me to run out and drop $$$$ on their clubs. I'm debating about getting a new set of irons at the moment. I'm...
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    Bosch Settlement email

    $350 would have been nice, but I'll take $175 (already sold mine back). $175...that's a "new" (to me) fairway wood on and a couple boxes of balls. $h1t...I like your line of thinking better than mine (above), lol.
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    Bosch Settlement email

    Nice. I'll take it. The truck is thirsty, lol. If you'll get the check as long as you forward your mail (go to Just keep an eye on your email. USPS will email when you mail forwarding stops.
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Get you a truck. With a can do truck stuff. My Ram is pretty sweet. Just put a tri-fold bed cover on it.
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Yup. I'm enjoying it. I got to do truck stuff today. I left this morning with clean shovels, rakes, and a pick axe. I came home with filthy/muddy equipment and a dirty truck (I just washed it yesterday, too :mad:). It was a fun day though.:D Good luck with the Wrangler...whenever that comes...
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    Dealer hints at retention rate for tdi customers, also increasing sales, supply issue

    Yup. It's not hard for them to establish a trend. ex. The girl that processed my buyback had done close to 100. I turned my TDI in at the dealership I bought it from. Let's just say that the rest of those people did the same. If they only heard back from 10 customers after their buyback...
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    19.08 MPG in the new Ram, lol. For a full-size truck in a $h11ty commute though, that's not bad. The economy mode (cylinder deactivation) really seems to work.A tank of fuel did get me through a full week of commuting though...and that's all I was hoping for (a full week commute out of a tank of...
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    Help me decide what to do....

    He has a $240/month payment. If it was that much of an issue for the OP, they would be taking the money and running...not debating it. The 2004 Mini Cooper, lol. Then the OP's got a $175/month note (only a few bucks less than their existing reasonable car payment) on a vehicle that's six years...
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    Turned in my car and no idea when the check will come

    Yup. The start of the ~10 minute buyback process is the representative taking a handful of pictures, removing your license plates, and giving them back to you. Mine were removed from the TDI on Thursday and put on my "new" (to me) truck on Friday.
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    Help me decide what to do....

    Keep it. If you like your car and have no issues with it, just maintain it and keep driving it. If I liked my car, $4,200 wouldn't have been enough incentive for me to have to go through the pain in the a$$ of vehicle shopping all over again. What are you going to do with the $4,200? You...
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    VW Buyback program is a nightmare

    A few people have fallen through the cracks on one issue (ex. Getting a check) or another. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I'd just give them a call. Good luck. 1-888-381-2889