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    2012 JSW

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    MB 300TDT

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    For jack

    some pics
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    Boston Area Gel Issues

    The point of this thread is that I know all this. Even the winter of 2015, where the average temp in Boston was 16 degrees! I had zero issues. No treatment! I stopped treating my fuel because it was a waste of time. Never gelled, 15 years! Looks like the MA fuel source has changed for the...
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    Boston Area Gel Issues

    One car the 07 R-class was fueled at RoJo’s in Norwood. It gelled , but to be fair I was in VT and it hit -20 My VW (2015) and my Dad’s MB were both fired on RT 138. Where it meets Route 128. Canton /Milton line Looks like that fuel was not treated!
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    2015 Sport Wagens no start in cold

    I just started a thread in the northeast forum. I’m in MA too. My 15 will start and not run. My dad has a 16’ mB 250. Same issue. We filled at same station!
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    Boston Area Gel Issues

    Hey everyone! Seeing if anyone else has had their fuel gel up this past week! I’ve been driving diesels since 2002 (15 years) and I’ve never had a car gel up! Makes me think the fuel distributer didn’t treat the last batch? My 07 MB gelled up in VT (where it hit -20) My 15 sportwagen gelled...
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    MK6 Wagon Parts in MA

    I took off a few the goodies before I sold her back: this stuff is all big, so local pick-up. all prices OBO $75 obo Diesel Geek skid plate, all hardware except the "inserts" you will need new ones. $125 Bosal Hitch, with bag. removable swan neck, and the OEM "door" that you can cut into your...
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    Windows Up/Down With Remote

    Following closely. I'd like to get this working too
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    1-1-2017 Ho5g GTG

    I'm not going to make it this year. Miss you all. Have a great time. I have a new (to me) toy. A 2007 R class CDI. I purchased from Cevans So Iggy's old 87 400D is for sale!
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    96 Passat B4 for sale in New Hampshire

    That's a great price. I just sent it to a friend of mine. Maybe he will bite.
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    TDIFest 2016 picture thread

    Looks like a great Fest!!
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    New (to me) Golf, complete with issues

    Won't fit in the Benz. I'll be down your way shortly. Works slow this week.
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    New (to me) Golf, complete with issues

    Peter: I still have the boost gauge from my Jetta, it's yours if you want it. It's just sitting in my garage doing nothing.