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    Golf runs 'choppy' when started?

    My Golf has been acting differently lately when started. In the morning or after the car has been sitting for a few hours when I start it up, it gives a puff of smoke and idles a bit rough for 10 seconds or so. Its kind of like when you start it in the winter and don't wait long enough for the...
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    Looking for exhaust in kitchener area

    Hey I've got an 03 Golf that the exhaust has come apart on and I am looking for a shop/individual, that will be willing to straight pipe it. Does anyone have any experience with any place in town? Willing to do cash, after hours too. Thanks in advance!
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    Cracked Mirror

    So like the moron that I am I hit a post with my driver side mirror on my golf. The outer plastic is cracked(pieces missing) but the mirror still works fine. As in the heating element still works and you can still use the power to adjust it. Can I just get the outside for the mirror? Where...
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    Vag-Com in KW?

    Is there anyone in the kw area that can help me with this. I've got a check engine light on and I would like to get it read. Thanks in advance!
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    best place for parts?

    I need to order a new MAF for my golf. Where is the best place in canada to order it from? I dont' mean dealers. thank you!
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    Engine run on?

    When I turn the key off on my 03 Golf, its like the engine wants to run for a couple seconds more. I have only noticed this in the last few weeks, but It has never done it before. The car has 180 kms on it now and i've had it since 80 kms. Timing belt was done at around 150 kms(i'd have to...
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    Car was in accident, now i've got problems.

    I have an 03 Golf that I was in an accident with. I hit another vehicle with the right front corner of my car. When I went to open the passenger door, it wouldnt' open because the fender was pushed into the door. Then when I went back to my door(driver side), and opened it, I noticed that it...
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    E test in KW

    I have to get my TDI e-tested this year. Can it be done at regular test center or do i have to take it to a special place?
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    WTB passenger heated seat switch

    I'm looking for a heated seat switch for the passenger side of an 03 Golf. Where is the best/cheapest place to get one? The dealer wants $52 plus tax.
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    It keeps clicking

    On my 03 Golf after the turn signal has been shut off I can still hear it clicking. Sometimes it just does it by itself. The signal is not on though when it clicks. Two days ago it was worse, it would go on for ever, yesterday and today it wasn't so bad. Any ideas as to what to look for? Car...
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    Timing Belt In KW Region

    My 03 Golf has 142000 kms on it. I'm going to do the belt at about 150000 just to be safe. I have about 1 1/2 - 2 months before I get there, so I am trying to plan ahead. I have briefly talked to my mechanic about it. He has done a couple other T-belts with the mark and pray method. He...
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    I couldn't believe it.

    I was using my Golf to launch my seadoo on a homemade dirt launch ramp. It was a fairly steep ramp and I got stuck. I couldn't even get the car up with out the trailer on the back. I had a buddy there with a Silverado, which I should have used to put the seadoo in, but anyways. So we were...
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    Bike Insurance

    This has nothing to do with cars....however, I am looking into getting a motorcycle and I was wondering who people have had good luck with in ontario with insurance. If you could, give me your age, bike, and what you pay. Or just the company. Thank you!
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    Bliping the throttle

    I was wondering this ever since I got my Golf. When the car is running in nutral and I hit the pedal, just give it a little kick the revs go up and down kinda lazy like. But when I push the clutch in and the car is still in nutral and I do the same thing the revs go up quick and then back down...
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    The joys of changing a tire

    I hope this is the right place for this. I had a little 'fun' last night. I was comming home last night at about 11:50. I get out of the car and I hear this "psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" sound. ***????? I walk around to the other side of the car and my front tire is deflating before my...