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    Ho5G GTG First of the year 2020 (will this be the last one?)

    Taking delivery of a 13 parole violator next Saturday!
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    Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!

    How Dare You! What makes you think I would go that FAST?:eek:
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    Ne gtg

    Test Beat Well, if I show up at least I wont have to worry about Jon taking my car out and beating the S#!T out of it (translation going over 54 miles per hour):eek:
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    TDIFest 2018 planning discussion

    Intruder Alert! Are CHEVY CRUZE DIESELS allowed to attend?:eek:
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    Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!

    Yup.... Yeah: a big part of the equation is driver skill, and JON has me there!:)
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    2017 Cruze Diesel

    Love My Cruze! I have owned 3 diesel powered cars. Just bought a Cruze TD with 6-speed manual. LOVE IT!
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    Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!

    You Bet I was thinking the same thing. The ONLY car on this site (97 Passat TDI) that I am afraid of.....
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    Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!

    I'll Be Back Actually hope to start meeting up with the gang again; IF a lowly OPEL powered car can show up!
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    Daimler and Fiat are now in the spot light

    We Did NOT Cheat My new Cruze TD meets EPA Tier3, Bin do you like them apples?
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    Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!

    Cave Man I am so technologically illiterate I can't seem to post pictures. I will talk some $H!T however...I will defeat ANY TDI owned by a member of this club in a fuel economy competition.......
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    Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!

    Paint still wetn Brand new. First two tanks ( mostly highway) averaging 52 miles per gallon
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    Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!

    Have had a Chevy Cruze turbodiesel with 6 speed manual for about 2 weeks now. Observations to follow as I discover the cars good and bad points...
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    Brussels OK, but will welcome prayers!

    Sam TOMO: Since I am driving Mazdas now, I bought one of those Japanese "life-like" dolls. No low tech for me!:eek:
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    2017 Jaguar 2.0 L Diesel

    Great Minds I am keeping my eye on developments on this car. It might be a real winner. Need to wait a few more months for more accurate info.
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    VW Won't Attempt to Regain Diesel Leadership in US; Many TDI Models May Never Return

    Make Lemonade Hope MAZDA picks up the baton....