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    Yes, replace the cam and lifters immediately. I had a tappet fail at 350,000 miles after hearing the tell-tale ticking for a couple of months and ignoring it. And also just posted...
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    Lifter Damage to Head

    Been there, done that. My engine had 350,000 miles. Pulled a head at the local pick-a-part for $70 that had 260,000 miles. It was an automatic, so I swapped my injectors over to it, put in a new cam and set of lifters, and motored on. I just passed 400,000 miles. Brett
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    Car cranks forever before starting

    I had an intermittent hard start when cold for several months, then one day it just decided it wasn't going to start at all anymore. Fortunately, it was in my garage when it did so. My cold hard start was solved by replacing the quantity adjuster (QA) seal, the big O-ring seal in the injection...
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    Joined the 400k club today

    400k US miles Brett
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    I was able to adapt a new key to my 2006 Jetta TDI. My experience

    In short, you can adapt a new key to a 2006 TDI's immobilizer system yourself with a Ross-Tech VCDS, but you have to have the immobilizer PIN (also called the SKC code). With the PIN in hand, just follow the instruction from the Ross-Tech wiki...
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    06 Jetta BRM stalls and smokes/no power unless turbo disabled **UPDATE**

    I was going to ask about your turbo before getting to your last post. I salute you for coming back to your original thread to post the resolution. There is nothing more annoying than a thread dying out with no resolution posted. Brett
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    Major engine imbalance. Thoughts?

    I'm getting back to this thread I started a few months ago. The car has sat idle until I had time to replace the camshaft and lifters. My daughter and I finally got the job done this week. She's going to start driving soon, and this is going to be her car, so I'm making her work for it. :)...
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    Trouble putting in new struts

    One tip, use some bearing grease on the strut's barrel. I recall a minor battle with the passenger side strut on my 02 Jetta. I separated the inner CV joint from the transmission flange, which I think is a factory procedure. I think I had trouble with a metal tab on the strut hanging up on...
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    Passenger door latch and wiring replaced....still shows open when closed

    I guess my first question is have you confidently isolated the issue to that door? The indicator in my car doesn't tell you which door is ajar. Strange that it took 2 hours for it to register the door open. That makes me think it's a dodgy connection farther upstream than where you already...
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    Major engine imbalance. Thoughts?

    Seriously, only 30K miles? Surprised IDparts sells such crap. Their info says made in Europe or Turkey. Unless it really was an oil issue. Still, I find it hard to believe oil made that big of a difference. What did you replace it with second time around? I purchased a cam kit from...
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    Major engine imbalance. Thoughts?

    I'll be doing the camshaft first, see what happens, then move on to flywheel and maybe clutch if there's no change. Brett
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    Major engine imbalance. Thoughts?

    This was posted in a thread this month asking recommendations for flywheel replacement. "I'm in the 3rd year and about 28K Km's since I had my clutch and flywheel assembly replaced with a Sachs SMF Quiet Clutch kit. I replaced the OEM DMF flywheel due to a bad idle speed engine vibration...
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    Major engine imbalance. Thoughts?

    I took a closer look at the records. The receipts for the clutch show a "super smooth LUK upgraded clutch kit for 1998-2006 MK4 and MK5 TDI" purchased from Dieselgeek for $460 in 2012. The first owner's very brief notes say "Clutch (LUK DMF) replacement." Dieselgeek's website doesn't show...
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    Major engine imbalance. Thoughts?

    I checked the dog bone, and it's good. Does a "stuck DMF" mean replacement? I've not heard that one before, but I haven't read up on DMF's. I understand there were issues from the factory, but this one is a LUK replacement. Done 63,000 miles ago. Brett
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    Major engine imbalance. Thoughts?

    Checked the camshaft today. It's toast. #4 exhaust was severely worn. I didn't bother checking the rest. I knew enough. I could not tell if the lifter was holed, but I don't think so. I don't think I hear the puff-puff sound that is typically heard. I'm not surprised as I believe the...