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    BEW Camshaft replacement

    What else would cause that kind of noise?
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    BEW Camshaft replacement

    So I have diagnosed my top end noise as the camshaft or lifter related due to camshaft, no noise at idle only under load loud ticking no knocking. So not want to go stage 2 billet , just the best OEM replacement. What is the brand or place to go to order parts? I'm sure a bunch of you have been...
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    Run away engine 😢

    Listen, if that is really a super clean 02 wagon, keep it and fix it! That's a GEM of a find!
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    Diesel price...

    I think I am nearing 70 dollars a fill for my mk4 wagon
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    Is there a generation or year to avoid?

    what years were the cjaa? thx
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    Is there a generation or year to avoid?

    Hello everyone, I've had ALH and BEW and the old mk2 1.6. In saying that if we are looking at newer variants of the vw diesel, are there certain years or engine codes to avoid? Thanks
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    How many MK4 jetta wagons were made?

    1.5 year old thread, any number updates?
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    How many MKIV ALH wagons were made and of those how many were 5 speeds?

    Interestingly enough, I see more 04 and 06 wagons for sale than 05's up here
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    Official Ontario CARS FOR SALE thread

    BRM engine code? could use the intake manifold
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    Cargo boxes...

    any pics of your setup?
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    Cargo boxes...

    Can we talk Cargo boxes for the roof racks, what all is recommended? I currently have a wagon with oem roof racks thx
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    mk4 jetta/golf 4door, driver rear door not locking or unlocking

    I am experiencing this fun right now, with drivers and rear drivers
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    ISO: mk4 Jetta wagon leather seats?

    Hello everyone, thought I would post this feeler out, anyone have a lead on some clean black leather mk4 wagon seats? Thanks
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    ID Parts

    Curious to ask , does ID Parts ever have coupon codes? I was looking at ordering some things
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    replaced the hatch struts, antenna base and whip on the wagon