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    Torsion Value Adjustment

    Are there any pictures on this site depicting the torsion value adjustment process? I've recently eliminated vibration issues related to poor aftermarket shafts, but have recently noticed a significant drop (1/3) in gas mileage. Thanks.
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    Vibration Issue

    Setting Torsion Value I'm assuming that you check the torsion value w/ the vag-com and then mechanically adjust the setting. Are there any pictures that depict the location of the area where the adjustment is done? Also, is the adjustment done w/ engine running? Sorry if I'm being stupid...
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    Vibration Issue

    Complete Solution, Almost After having replaced BSM and engine mounts (all 3), but still suffering the dreaded vibrations, I bought and replaced the Chinese crap aftermarkets w/ Raxles. Vibration gone. The earlier shudder which I attributed to tranny problems was a dirty fuel filter. All is...
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    Vibration Issue

    Thanks for all the help. I'll check into a tranny flush and filter change to see if that helps.
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    Vibration Issue

    Thanks Oilhammer. Is the DTC a code? I have the Ross software, might it show on that? I'm not sure what TC/TCM mean. I'm having a tranny shop take a look at it tomorrow a.m. If its not the fluid, is a new tranny in order? I've had so many problems w/ this B5 that its beginning to lose its...
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    Vibration Issue

    After chipping, the mpg really didn't noticeably change. I used Jeff's std + because I haven't modified anything else. Torque increases to about 300 psi, as I understand it. However, lately, w/ this shudder, mileage is way off. Not sure what to make of it.
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    Vibration Issue

    Same "Bad" Vibrations Just did this weekend on my way back from Pittsburgh. As I accelerate or in cruise going uphill, it feels more like a shudder or torque converter slippage. I have Jeff's rocket chip +, new engine mounts (all 3), new BSM gear driven, but still have Chinese axels in it...
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    Selecting a local garage for BS assembly upgrade

    Hi Senez: I'm in northern va and have an 05 with 70k miles ... do you know where import motorwerks is located? thanbksa, Paul V.
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    Alert! FRIED ECU!

    Hi Jeff: Wondering whether you're open this friday and have a slot for a chip upgrade to my 2005 passat TDI. I'll be in the Lancaster area and would be available early if you have an opening. Thanks, Paul V.
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    Smelly Heat (Antifreeze smell)

    Hi TDTTech: I like my new 2005 Passat TDI, but I too have the coolant smell. Do you know a reliable mechanic/dealer locally (I live in Vienna) that you would trust to properly do the core replacement. Thanks, Paul V.
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    Underbelly Skid Plate for Passat

    Hi Demming: I'm also interested in the skid plate group buy. Thanks, Paul
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    First oil change with 2005 Passat TDI

    Thanks Uri.
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    First oil change with 2005 Passat TDI

    Does anyone know whether using the 505.00 Delvac 5-40 (Mobil 1) would be ok? Thanks.
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    First oil change with 2005 Passat TDI

    Re: First oil change with 2005 Passat TDI. I just took delivery of my 2005 Passat GLS TDI. I had a 2000 Jetta TDI for which I used Delvac 1 (5-40). Have some left over. Is this no longer the application for the 2005 Passat PD? Some kid at the dealership indicated that they have a new very...
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    Poll: Has your glovebox door broken?

    Mine has broken twice, merely by opening it!!