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    Feb First Friday...

    :confused: It's not a problem for ME! I have a bucket load of ammunition, :eek:I mean, INFORMATION, from this forum and I never need to say a word.
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    November 1st Tuesday anyone?

    Is one keg going to be enough? :confused:
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    New Passat TDI confirmed for U.S.

    :) and :D They'd be so cute together. :rolleyes: I think I could handle it. I told Lug_Nut a couple of months ago that I sometimes wish I had an extra gear.
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    Big Changes to Car Show Format

    :eek: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! I work every Labor Day Weekend. It's pre-arranged 10 months in advance. You'll have to see a certain white 2 dr Golf in your neighborhood or you can stare at my profile picture until you're all "Golfed" out. :p I'm not sharing it with anyone ... I can barely bring...
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    VW Morons!

    :D Thank you. Owned: 0.75 years Repairs and maintence: $236
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    Ho5G Food thread 6.25.2011

    Lug_Nut's donation No, not blood, but I'm writing this for him because he doesn't know what I'm sending to Ho5G in the brown wagon. :p He's bringing chocolate covered peanut butter bars. He will not eat them on the way to NH.
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    HO5G GTG with Rocketchip June 2011

    :eek: You know - I sneak on here and I think I'm on the Caligula Forum.
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    HO5G GTG with Rocketchip June 2011

    :) So proud. Yep. He's all mine ....
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    First Friday 5.6.11

    Mrs. is "in," too.
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    NH Help?

    You have no idea how happy I was when Jon said "Peter and Julie happened to have the part in stock, and your car is fixed." :eek: I was doing the 1:00 am happy dance. I owe you! And the new seats are coming along - seat guts everywhere, and looking good.
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    First GTG of 2011 - Ho5G style!

    OH!!! I thought that read BABOONS. :eek: :p "He" just left the driveway and will see you soon enough.
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    Official New Years Ho5G food Thread

    Lug_Nut is bringing lasagna. It will be meatless, so the vegetarians will have another option.
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    Lug Nut's tooefed cam thread

    That should read $5,300.00. :(
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    First GTG of 2011 - Ho5G style!

    ;) That explains everything.