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    Wtb new beetle headunit

    Monsoon or regular?
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    ALH upgrades

    Having played with the 5 speed gearing prior to going with the 6 speed, I found that .681 was even too tall for my liking as it felt like a gear was missing. If I had to do it again I would have gone with the .717 if anything. Even on my 6 speeds, I don’t use 6th until I’m at at least 70 mph on...
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    LB7 Duramax diagnostic

    Is this a truck with the EGR still enabled? These vacuum operated egr LB7s are a PITA to get right. There are two baro sensors that can throw the p2227 code. One is on the driver side towards the front of the engine rather hidden under a bracket, the other is strictly there for EGR vacuum...
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    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    That’s what i found on my 2002 Jetta wagon and my 2000 golf and also on my 2003 bug iirc. I had found pin locations to be consistent.
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    Project Kill Da Auto Wabbit!, Or how I learned to love the Manual Swap

    Have a look at the how to in my sig. it might help.
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    Best engine oil alh

    Seriously, you are using T6 5w-40. Just stay with what works. It’s what i have Been using for years.
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    Oregon diesel

    Karin is crazy!
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    Cesar the Valentine Beetle: A Build Thread

    I too had fun reading this thread.
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    Auto to Manual Swap Paid lesson

    There was a fellow on vwvortex that did the swap from 01M to 02J in his 2001 Jetta. The job is essentially the same but iirc, he had to swap his ecu as it wasnt compatible with the manual trans and couldn’t be set as we do on the TDI. Might be helpful for you to have a look at that thread. You...
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    6 Speed swap into 2001 jetta tdi Auto?

    On the other hand, I’ve had to order replacement axles and joints for the 02M from ryanp only to have them on my door step within 3 days. On my first swap I used a gasser 02M clutch sourced locally and while it worked, it just didn’t feel right. Ended up having ryanp send me the real deal Sachs...
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    6 Speed swap into 2001 jetta tdi Auto?

    Yeah, different axles, starter, tins, clutch and flywheel.
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    6 Speed swap into 2001 jetta tdi Auto?

    One question you might want to answer is how much of your driving is done north of 70mph? If you are like me where I spent much of my time on the interstate at 70+ then indeed a six speed will be very nice. However if you just drive less than 70 then a five speed might be more cost effective...
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    ALH Vacuum Pump Rebuild / Reseal ?

    I had a leaking vacuum pump 5 years ago and struggled to find the correct oring. Found this on post 97. 5 years and still not leaking. “The oring store is where I got my 2.5mm X 74mm just right size. The part...
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    sticky vanes

    The ring shown is this one.