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    Relay 109 - Main Power Supply Fuse

    I have a 7.5a in 12, but no fuse in the slot for 28. Is that normal and expected?
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    Relay 109 - Main Power Supply Fuse

    Could this be my problem? My symptoms were a little different than what most of the people in this thread have been reporting... I was driving 2002 l when headlights, gauges, interior lights and engine all turned off. No click or anything from the keyswitch that I noticed. But when I went...
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    HOW TO and do-it-yourself threads

    This link is down, but has a copy from 2009.
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    So happy new OEM battery

    I've seen this distinction elsewhere, so it's not something TDI_Power made up or even members of this forum made up. VAG makes neither batteries nor Oil Filters. They contract that stuff out, hence the OE/OEM differentiation. When the OEM sells to VAG to sell to you, it's branded VAG and is an...
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    Front end alignment, Panzer plate no longer fits

    I honestly don't know. The instructions in the Bentley for adjusting front axel camber show this drawing with 2 steps: move the subframe to equalize camber on both sides, secure the subframe with new bolts to these torque specs. (1 and 2 point to the 4 bolts that get removed/replaced) I guess...
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    Front end alignment, Panzer plate no longer fits

    So I just did balljoints and control arm bushings on my '02 Jetta. Afterwards, I had Goodyear do an alignment check and ultimately align the front end. I left the panzer plate off when I brought it over for the alignment, which might have been a mistake. Looking at the bentley, it seems the...
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    VCDS-Windows 8 compatible now

    Only on the Intel Tablets. Phones and ARM tablets will run Windows 8 RT. Anything that run on Windows 8 RT will run on Windows 8, but PC applications (like VCDS) will not run on Windows 8 RT. The Microsoft Surface uses an Intel Core I5, though, so VCDS should run on that.
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    Citation for TDI FAQ?

    In the TDI FAQ section 5 it mentions a study by the University of Minnesota titled "real world vehicle testing report". Is this the proper title? Does anyone know the authors? Or the journal in which it was published? I've looked on both Google and Google Scholar but have been unable to find...
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    Airbag Explosion

    :rolleyes: Don't be a schmuck. Everyone who knows anything about DIY Denstistry knows JB Weld is toxic! :D I'd recommend this instead. Sorry, I just couldn't resist!
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    Camper towing

    Alright, that sounds exactly like I expected. It's really just like towing with any other car than. Thanks Silverghost. "Ratio" was the key word I was missing.
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    Camper towing

    Excuse my ignorance This still confuses me, though I'm probably just putting too much importance on a couple of words. If you shift to a higher gear you won't keep the revs up, you'll lower them down. Are you just saying "cruise in 4th with a higher RPM. Don't cruise in 3rd, that's too much...
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    No TDIs on

    Oh, that's a relief. The ULSD, is that the 50ppm "low sulfur" stuff like they sell in Europe, or is this something different? I've read too much FAQ over the weekend and I'm a little burnt out :D [EDIT] Found my answer from Chevron's Website. ULSD is only 15ppm. Oh, thanks! That's very...
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    No TDIs on

    Why are there no TDIs listed on The only model I could find with a TDI option was the Taurig in a 10-cylinder model. Does this have something to do with recent regulations, or does VW just think there's not enough interest in these vehicles? I saw a thread recently about a 2008 TDI...
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    The Convoy Thread

    I have to request off vacation a year in advance. 9 mo isn't that rediculous at all.