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    Alh wont start

    Thanks for the follow up!
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    06 Beetle TDI Fuel Filter Change (BEW)

    The MoGolf answer will be oh so superior to my guesses. In lieu of a vacuum pump, you might be able to use a long section of clear hose, suck and squeee to pull the air out. Worksv on the VE. Long clear hose so as not to take any chances with fuel in your mouth.
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    06 Beetle TDI Fuel Filter Change (BEW)

    Damn interweb. So it managed to distribute that air throughout. Don't know the PD engine, can you crack a line on the tandem pump to burp it? Additional pump cycling should clear it, but how long IDK. Connect battery charger. Take your time.
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    Downloading file via Flashzilla

    Yea that's a pretty cool device. You get an economy tune, swap them back and forth.
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    2002 Jetta TDI ALH, aftermaket transponder bypass unit wiring horror

    Has anyone mentioned glow plug codes do not go away on their own? They must be cleared (silly).
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    2002 Jetta TDI ALH, aftermaket transponder bypass unit wiring horror

    You've done the simple resistance test on each plug?
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    Chasing oil burning? 1.9 TDI PD

    Don't the unit injectors sometimes develop oil leaks on the PD?
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    Downloading file via Flashzilla

    Believe the ECU can only store 1 set of code. The FZ is what allows you to store the spare. Disclaimer- I've never used the flashzilla.
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    06 Jetta automatic DMF noise.

    I don't consider a clutch r+r a diesel specific repair. Find a good local mechanic, spec the parts yourself.
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    What is the longest you have seen the 01m last?

    I'm sure there are 98 bugs with 01m still working. They're just not good, not near as bad as the my 1st mopar minivan auto. Those failed like 98%, the 01M I'd guess is more like 70% fail rate. No reason not to use it if it works, they can sometimes be remedied (see
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    how to tell if donor car has short shifter?

    I've never had issue with the stock shifter. Your results may vary.
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    having trouble loging on too slow??

    Could be security stuff on your device and/or try a different browser/app.
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    Mk4 Tdi issue

    Well if a VCDS won't connect, you needs to track down and test all the electrics involved. See Post #15
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    Getting rid of the underhood cover and engine cover?

    Got rid of all the fur and no engine cover on mine. No issues. Potential for stress on the tube, should not be a problem.
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    2000 Jetta TDI loss of power after clutch replacement

    No battery silliness with these cars. Always good to disconnect the thing when working on the car, protects the electrics. Might need radio code, maybe some newer ones have "learn" functions, IDK. Should be no relation of clutch r+r to power issue. Likely broke or disconnected a fatigued vacuum...