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    Don't do phase 2? one of my 2015 that I got new in 2017 ( now 30K) shows " modification completed - partial", the other 2015 with 70K that I bought from auction shows " modification completed" . Does this mean the car 2 had the phase 2 done? I know the car 1 had only phase 1 that...
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    *URGENT* Garage about to use oil taken to trading standards!

    cant you just buy your own oil and have them change that, if you have concerns about what they use?
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    Alh engine oil

    Liqui Moly Top Tec 4100 5W40 is a very good oil, been using it for a while
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    Alh engine oil

    which one is that for $15?
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    What’s the best Manual Tranny Fluid?

    Motul Gear 300 75W90 is a good one, I switched back from G070 to that and even got G050 too
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    504 507 oil price roll back at Walmart

    i just checked still there $21.62
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    oil is rolled back at walmart

    its not too bad for a little over $4/qt delivered to your door for 507.00 oil
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    oil is rolled back at walmart

    where do you see limit order 1?
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    2015 Golf TDI long crank first start of the day

    I actually started to experience this shortly before my battery died, changed it and has never happened since
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    Stupid question

    doesnt the mk7 gti PP have a separate fluid for the LSD?
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    Stupid question

    Sorry for the stupid question, does the differential share the same case/ oil with the transmission ( manual) or is it separate on mk7 golf?
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    Is a leaky water pump covered under extended warranty?

    so if you use this " non-variable" pump with no sensor will there be any CELs or other issues?
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    Is a leaky water pump covered under extended warranty?

    which extended warranty? emissions? it should be under the powertrain which has expired in your case
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    OEM Luk Clutch Thickness?

    i was just trying to see if its possible to remove the transmission without taking the flanges off, mine are not leaking and I dont wanna unnecessarily make it worse